Thoughts in April

I started talking to someone on D/s Safeword. Just messaging back and forth a bit. It didn’t go anywhere, but that’s not what I can here to talk about. It stirred me up a little bit.

Just enough that I went to look at this website. The author is a friend of Naughty Nora’s over at Finding Strength in My Submission. Anyhow, the new website is called Traditionally Applied, which of course raises all the right images. It has a couple of lovely stories. Not everything he’s written fits my taste, but that’s ok. His latest story, Turning Her Over, really did.

Stirred me up enough to think about being on the receiving end of a spanking. Maybe a good girl spanking, or a maintenance spanking when she’s been a good girl.

“Come here,” he says.

She stands in front of him, smiling. “Yes, Sir?” She already knows what’s coming next. His lips curve up a bit, he enjoys the sight of her standing obediently in front of him.

“Are you ready?” he asks?

She nods, still smiling. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Strip, please.”

She bites her lip. Even though she knew he would say this, even though she has removed all trace of hair from her legs and had her pussy freshly waxed, still. She bites her lip when he tells her to strip.

But she doesn’t hesitate. She is not allowed to wear underwear or a bra in the house on Saturdays, so it’s simple to bend at the waist, grab the hem of her dress, and rising in one graceful movement, pull it slowly over her head and off.

He watches.

She turns the dress right side out, and lays it carefully over a nearby chair. Turning her attention fully to him, her Sir, watching him for directions.

He holds his hand out, palm up, and raises it. Obediently, she raises her arms, clasps her hands behind her neck. Every time she does this, she is acutely aware of the way her breasts rise, her nipples tighten as if they are ready for attention.

In this moment, she does not know what will come next. She can only wait, attentive, receptive, ready to respond. Sometimes there are nipple clamps. Other times, he might leave her standing while he finishes a chapter of his book, or reads aloud from Story of O or another classic. Her breath is a bit short, she feels her pussy throbbing.

She knows that no matter what happens next, it will end with her over his lap, ass up, whimpering and begging. She will long for the taste of his cock, want nothing more than to kneel between his legs and pleasure him with her mouth. She licks her lips now, thinking of that moment when he will allow her to kiss and caress him.”

You know. Something like that, stirring inside me.

18 thoughts on “Thoughts in April

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