Thoughts in April, page 9

{I know, it’s not April anymore! But I think I’m stuck with this silly title. I had no idea this would turn into a saga…}

If you’re just now starting, the actual beginning is here.

He stood, and took her hand, as if she were a child. It seemed surreal to her, that she was allowing her self to be led to the bathroom. She wasn’t leashed, as O had been, but still. He was going to make her pee, while he watched, and, feeling the pressure in her bladder, she knew that she would not be able to resist.

As they reached the bathroom, “Go ahead,” he said, gesturing to the toilet. Embarrassed, she sat, trying to keep her legs pressed together.

He laughed. “Open your legs, baby,” he said. “Just relax. You’re going to get very used to this.” He watched patiently while she emptied her bladder.

She felt an odd combination of physical relief and emotional distress.

As she finished, he said, “It’s interesting. It doesn’t arouse me to watch you pee, but the idea that it makes you so uncomfortable, and yet you obey me, turns me on immensely.”

She laughed, a bit wryly. “I’m glad it pleases you, Sir.” Unrolling some toilet paper, he pushed her legs farther open and patted her lightly.

He pulled out a wipe. “Stand,” he said, closing the toilet lid, “Put one foot up here.” She did, feeling such a rush of mingled shame and pleasure that she couldn’t look at him.

Carefully, methodically, he wiped her thoroughly, front and back, making her bend forward at the waist so he could more easily access the space between her cheeks. Only then did he dispose of the wipe and let her put her leg back down.

“Now let’s wash hands,” he said. “Since your hands aren’t dirty, you may wash mine.” Making sure the water was perfectly warm, she gently soaped his hands, taking pleasure in working up a nice lather, then rinsing them with great care. Drying them well, she said, “Lotion, Sir?” He nodded, pleased with her attentiveness.

Happily, she massaged lotion into his skin. It took her quite a while to work the lotion in, she had started with a bit too much, but when she was finished, he smiled. “Good girl,” he said, which made her glow with pleasure.

“See?” he said, “This is going to be fun.”

She laughed, “Yes, Sir, I’m sure you’re right.” But she couldn’t imagine how they were going to do this every time she had to pee for five days.

He led her back to the chair and settled himself while she watched. She would have sat on his lap, but he pointed to the floor, and she knelt happily at his feet. “Undress me,” he directed.

She started at his feet. He was wearing the sandals he often wore around the house, so it was an easy matter to remove each one. She was careful to do it in a way that showed her respect and love, stroking his feet a bit as she did so. Tugging the strap off his heel, laying his foot in her lap while she slid the sandal off, then shifting to the other foot.

She looked up at him, tilting her head, “Lotion?” But he shook his head,

“Maybe later,” he said. “Don’t worry about my shirt either, I want to feel your mouth on my cock.” He stood, which put her mouth at the level of his cock, but he shook his head.

“Pants,” he said.

Reaching up, she undid his belt, unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Then he sat again so she could pull them off completely.

She would have folded them neatly, as he had trained her to do, but he said, “Your mouth. Now.” She leaned forward, his skin warm where it touched her shoulders.

When her mouth was right above his cock, her mouth open, just about to lower her head to caress him, he said, “Stop. Hover.”

She didn’t want to stop, she could almost taste him. But she obeyed, her mouth poised right above his cock, open so he could feel the heat of her breath, only an inch or so away. “Yes,” he said, “Right there.”

Her mouth longed to touch him, her pussy throbbed, and nipples tingled, but she waited.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts in April, page 9

  1. Hi Olivia, so great to see more of this story. Not sure I could handle being watched peeing then cleaned. It’s certainly going to be an interesting 5 days of not touching herself!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re still enjoying it. I think it’s kind of strange that I went here – I have no idea how it happened. But here I am… 🙂



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