Thoughts in April, page 10

If you’re just now starting, the actual beginning is here.

“Very slowly,” he said, “lower your mouth and let your tongue touch me. Not the tip, just the flat part of your tongue.”

As she followed this direction, letting the taste of him fill her, he smiled. “Such a good girl,” he said, stroking her head. “Now, show me how you can please me with your mouth. When I say stop, freeze right where you are. Now go ahead.”

Her heart swelling with love, pleasure rising up inside her, she began to lick him, rather as if he were an ice cream cone. When she had covered him with her tongue, she opened her mouth wide, sucking the head of his cock in, past her lips, swirling her tongue around the head.

He sighed with pleasure as she began to take him deeper, slowly, half an inch at a time. As his cock got wetter, she slid her mouth over him more smoothly, working steadily down, up a bit, down a bit further, then up. He moaned and she felt a deep satisfaction, knowing that she was pleasing him.

As she worked her way further down, his cock hit the back of her throat, and she had to work to relax. She kept taking him deeper, unril she did gag, but she was able to find her rhythm, focusing on relaxing the back of her throat, letting his cock slide further in, and then out, over and over again. Tears ran down her face each time she gagged, but she was barely aware of that.

When he said, “Stop,” she would pause, frozen where she was, often with his cock lodged deep in her throat, til he released her with a simple, “Go ahead.” Her pussy throbbed with each stroke of his cock, but she was barely aware of that. She felt him lean forward and fist his hand in her hair.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth,” he said. And he began pumping, holding her head in place so she could not pull back. Not that she wanted to get away, she was working on breathing through her nose, letting the back of her throat stay open and receptive.

His orgasm had been building all evening and he was ready to indulge himself. It didn’t take long for him to reach the climax, crying out, pressing her head just a bit further down. As a steady stream of sperm released into her mouth and throat, she swallowed quickly, delighted that he was finding pleasure in her.

When he was finished, he relaxed his grip on her hair, and she let his cock rest in her mouth, the way she knew he preferred. She was vaguely aware of the heat between her own legs, the ache to be touched, to be filled and thoroughly fucked. But mostly she was aware of him. Her cheek resting on his thigh, his cock still in her mouth, his hand caressing her neck. Feeling both relaxed and attentive, she waited.

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