The Clueless Dom

{There is a new installment to Thoughts in April up, you can read it here. I just needed to share this. And I have several more coming, so stay tuned.}

It’s not the first time it’s happened. Some man wanders onto a site, reads a little bit about D/s, and thinks, “Oh, I must be a Dom! I like for people to do what I say and I can get demanding when they don’t, and I’d like to have women obey my every whim.”


Then they start up a conversation with me. I tend to be friendly and interested in them. I’ll keep the conversation going when needed. Next thing you know, they want to re-ignite my submission with their Domly self. Well, ok, I don’t think that’s a bad idea. So we keep talking.

Pretty soon, they’re talking about feeling a deep connection with me. I’m a little baffled, because they haven’t asked me anything deep or shared anything highly personal, and I haven’t even shared pics. And, being the honest girl that I am, when they ask if I’m feeling it too, I’m like “no, not really.”

So then they want to know if I might feel it in the future. Well, shrug, sure, maybe. And we keep chatting. NOT for weeks, for a few days. And they mention our deep connection again. This time, they’re amazed at two things we kind of have in common. We both like the book “The Prophet.” And when he asked me if I’d read Story of O, it turns out that I had read it and it had a strong impact on me. I mean, he thought the statistical odds of both those things happening was so unlikely it was amazing.

I thought that was laughable. I mean, that’s like saying we’re made for each other because we’ve both read some Shakespeare. (Not to compare O to the bard, but you know what I mean.) Plus, he knew I have a blog and he could have picked up both those things from there.

So I told him I was unimpressed by that, and he said – and this is the part I can’t let go of – he said, “My instincts feel that it could be a good match since I am willing to come to you to make it a physical relationship.”

Just let that sit a minute. He thinks it could be a good match because he’s willing to drive a few hours to fuck me? Does he really think I can’t find some wanna-be Dom where I live that would “make it physical?” I have to laugh at myself, I’m so deeply offended by that. Good grief.

But, a few days later, I realize that I could thank him for starting the conversation. At the beginning, he said, “I really would love to nurture you back into the joys of being a submissive.” That was the line that got my attention.

I have not been feeling it at all for a while. Not in fantasy, not in real life. Beginning to think I had become asexual. And somehow, even though he was totally clueless and there is zero hope of a relationship there, it stirred me up enough that I’m writing again. And feeling it more. I have “taken care of myself” more in the last few days than I had in months.

Yes, I’ve also been reading some lovely spanking stories, and that’s “got my juices flowing” a bit (heh heh.) But I had not even been interested in reading for a long time.

So, thank you, Clueless Dom. May you live long and prosper, but not in D/s chat rooms, unless you decide to actually learn something about being a Dom. 💜

{And stay tuned, more installments on the way. If you’re not already reading, start here.}

14 thoughts on “The Clueless Dom

  1. I’m smirking at the “lines” he’s dropped. Good heavens. So what’s he saying, “we’ll be good for each other cos i’m willing to make the effort to come to you for a fuck?” What in the actual fuck. shaking my head so bad right now.

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  2. I’m going to just bypass the BS. Lol.
    “I really would love to nurture you back into the joys of being a submissive.” That was the line that got my attention..

    That would get my attention too- ah but to build you up only to have him fall so greatly lol.

    I think I know in part what it can be like to feel ‘dead’ to your submissive self and then to feel a bit of relief (or annoyance lol) that it is still in there. Hope whatever comes your way in the next while brings you contentment 💕

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    • Thanks Willie – and you are so right! It was a bit of a build-up before the crash. I think you probably can relate to discovering that submissive part is still alive and relatively well. Thanks so much for the good wishes. So far, the writing part of it has been fun. And that’s probably enough! 💜

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