Thoughts in April, page 5

He had come up behind her so quietly, she didn’t realize he was there until she felt his hand fisting in her hair at the nape of the neck. Then she gasped, her heart leaping in shock. She felt his breath close to her ear, and, “”Don’t move,” he said. Quickly, he pulled out the plug which had nestled securely inside her. The shock had her crying out again, but he stepped away. She knew that he would clean it and put it away before he returned. She waited, anxious, excited, aroused.

Come,” he said. Tugging gently on her hair. he turned her. guided her back to the space in front of his chair. He had moved the ottoman, and had her kneel directly in front of him. She knelt, just as she had pictured, thighs parted, rocked back on her heels, Her hands rested on her thighs, palms up. Eyes downcast, she was trembling, a mixture of love and arousal rushing through her, stirring a deep longing to serve him.

“I’m sure you had enough time to think a bit,” he said. “Tell me three things you appreciate about being my submissive.

Eyes still downcast, but with her lips curving up a bit, she replied, “I appreciate knowing that you will control me and lead me. I appreciate your willingness to punish me as well as allow me pleasure. I appreciate being allowed to serve you.”

He nodded. “And how do you want to show up for me? What do you bring?”

She lowered her head a bit more now, knowing how often she fell short of what she wanted. She bit her lip. “I want to obey you, without hesitation without holding back. I want to serve you, in whatever ways you choose. I want to please you in all things.”

Leaning forward, he tipped her chin up so she was looking directly into his eyes. Smiling gently, he said, “How have you done with this today? How would you rate yourself?’

Embarrassed, she looked away but he shook his head, “Look at me. There’s no need to hide. I see you, girl. All your strengths and weaknesses. I see your beauty and I see your flaws. On a scale of 0-10, how do you rate yourself today?”

Tears welled up, and it took all her strength to look at him. “Four. I think I rate about a four today.” And then the tears spilled over. He didn’t release her chin, he watched the tears run down her face. With his free hand, he wiped a couple of tears away.

“I’m glad you care, baby, glad to see you crying. But don’t worry. By the end of our time here, you’ll feel much better. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she nodded as he released her chin, handed her a kleenex. Actually, she felt a bit better already, as she always did after she’d admitted her shortcomings.

He settled back in his chair, picked up the book he’d left on the end table. “A little Story of O to set the mood,” he said.

She almost laughed, the mood was already set as far as she was concerned. But he knew this would turn her on almost unbearably, and make her feel even more deeply submissive. He flipped through the book, looking for the passage he had in mind. Kneeling in front of him, she waited.

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  1. I totally agree, I love how descriptive your writing is and how you bring out the emotion. Love how connected these two are. Looking forward to reading more:)


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