Thoughts in April, page 2

He stands, moving closer to her. Gently, he touches her face, his fingers stroking her forehead, smoothing the small wrinkles there. Working his way around her face, her checks, her lips. She closes her eyes as his fingers touch the lids, so gently. His fingers are large, one forefinger covers her eyelid, and she holds her breath, allowing him this caress.

He slips a finger between her lips, slides it over her tongue. She sucks the finger deeper into her mouth, licking and caressing it with care.

He removes the finger, his hands stroking her shoulders, her chest, pausing to play with the nipples. She is beginning to wiggle, shifting from one foot to the other. He grasps her left nipples between index finger and thumb, tightly enough that she gasps.

“Hold still,” he says. She struggles to obey, she really wants to squirm now. But she lets herself open to his words, accepts the pain, and stills her body.

“Good girl,” he says, and as always, that helps her become even more open, more receptive to what he offers. He pinches the other nipple lightly. His hands move on. Across her torso, down her belly.

Open,” he says, tapping her inner thigh, and she moves her feet farther apart to give him easy access to the sensitive space between her legs. His fingers probe the slick, wet folds, parting the outer lips, and she whimpers. But he does not penetrate her, his hands move on down her legs, thighs, strokes the calves and ankles. Then he moves behind her and she shivers with anticipation. He moves more quickly now, stroking, caressing.

Working his way down her back, he spreads her cheeks a bit, enough to touch the tight rear entrance which puckers under his finger. But he doesn’t stop, doesn’t penetrate. Quick strokes down each leg and he steps back.

She hears the drawer open behind her and her mind races through all the possible items he might be bringing out of the drawer. Then he’s behind her again, his arms coming from behind to fasten the blindfold over her eyes. She gasps, wondering again what he has in mind.

“You may put your hands behind your back,” he says Relieved to release the tension of having them clasped behind her neck, she lowers them and stretches her back a bit.

She waits.

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