Thoughts in April, page 3

He made her bend over placing her arms on the ottoman, opening her legs wide. She was still blindfolded, all of her exposed to his gaze, his hands.

She waited.

And then she smelled lube. She winced, wondering which plug she was about to have inserted. She wanted to ask, but knew better.

His finger poked the small entrance her muscles tightened, instinctively trying to prevent him from entering. He did not press harder, he paused. “That’s five,” he said, laughing, “Five extra.” “Do you want them now, baby, or do you want to accept this plug in your ass?”

“The plug, Sir,” she said quickly, “I’m sorry, the plug.”

“Good girl,” and his finger slid quickly into her. She whimpered, but didn’t resist. Once he had pushed his finger deep inside her, stretching her a bit, he pulled back out, and she felt the sudden emptiness that left behind. Almost longing for it back

But of course the plug was larger, the pressure always more than she expected. Despite herself, she tightened up. With a sigh, he said, “Here,” and helped her stand back up.

He turned her so her back was to the ottoman. “Kneel. You know, head down, ass up.”

He helped her down, it was not as easy when you’re blindfolded. Kneeling, she made sure that her ass was held high, offering herself the way she knew he liked. She felt the plug at the entrance again, but instead of pushing it in, his other hand moved between her legs, tugging her outer lips, sliding his finger against her clit. She moaned and almost squirmed but, “Don’t move,” he said.

His finger was magical, heightening her pleasure until she moaned, teasing her to distraction. Then, just as she began to think she was close to climax, hoping that he wouldn’t stop, wondering if she should ask permission – just then. he slipped the butt plug in. She cried out, but it was mixed with pleasure, as this new sensation pushed her over the top, tumbling her into waves of pleasure.

He held her, finger still in place, butt plug filling her, as the orgasm rolled through her, waiting patiently until she had settled again. Then he wrapped her in his arms, butt plug still securely in place.

“Baby,” he said, laughing. “NIce.” “

Mmmmm,” she sighed happily curling into him. He stroked a nipple and she moaned again.

“Drink some water,” he held a water bottle to her lips while she drank, then he finished the bottle. “Whew. That was quite a beginning.”

“A beginning?” she thought. She felt like she could go to bed and sleep like a baby right now.

But he was pulling her to her feet. Removing the blindfold, he kissed, her a deep kiss that left her gasping, He rubbed his palm against her nipples, first one and then the other, until they were painfully erect He pulled her close against him and slapped her ass, almost gently, then twice more, with more sting.

“Are you ready for your punishment spanking now? ”

“No, Sir,” she answered quickly, “not yet, please.”

He laughed. “Ok.”

For a second ,she wondered if her quick response had been a mistake, but then he smacked her ass again, harder. Her muscles tightened around the plug, she made a little noise, just a “Mmf,” and forgot about the spanking waiting for her. She felt heat building between her thighs again.

“Corner time,” he said. “I want you to think about submission. What it means to you. How you want to show up for me. And think a little bit about what happens to naughty girls who have orgasms without permission.”

He arranged her, nose to the corner, her juices drying on her inner thighs, the butt plug firmly lodged, just a bit uncomfortably, in place. There she stood, quite happily. Waiting.

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