Thoughts in April, Page 14

If you’re just now starting, the actual beginning is here.

He didn’t leave her waiting long. He knew that she was suffering and he he wanted the pain to lift her suffering, not let it take hold and settle in. So he moved the chair to put himself in position, doubled the belt over so only the leather would land, and rubbed her ass gently.

She whimpered, but didn’t move away from his touch.

Then he brought the belt down, landing it on the sit spot, over the welts from earlier. She felt it burn across her cheeks, but right behind the burn was an odd kind of pleasure, and she held her position easily.

He waited long enough for the feeling to ease before letting the belt fall again, this time on her upper thighs. Again, she cried out, but the burn receded and she was ready for the next one to fall.

The sit spot, the thighs. He proceeded slowly, giving her to time to absorb the sensation, to feel it all.

After the fifth one, he stroked her nether lips, toyed with her clit, circled the entrance to her pussy. She moaned, longing for more, but didn’t ask. She waited, purely receptive, for whatever he gave her next.

Six. Seven. Eight.

After eight, more stroking, caresses that made all her nerve endings cry out with pleasure. When he stopped, pulling his hand back, she sighed, “More, Sir, please,” and he laughed gently,

“More touching or more of the belt?”

Surprising herself, she said in almost a purr, “More of whatever you want, Sir,” and realized she meant it.


It seemed even heavier than what had gone before, but she welcomed it. He caressed her again and she was torn between wanting the pleasure and wanting the next strike with the belt. She did not know it was the final one, she had lost count, but she knew that she needed to feel it.

Then he was on the floor beside her, “Turn over,” he said, helping her roll as he said it. Now she was on her back. He pushed her knees toward her chest, slid a pillow under her ass. “Open your legs,” he said.

Confused and disconcerted, she spread her thighs as far as she could.

“Good girl,” he said, caressing her inner thighs. She moaned and pushed her hips up a bit, offering, but he pulled back. She saw he still had the belt in his hand, but before she could process that, he said, “Three. Hold the position.”

He pulled the belt back, landed it hard on the upper inside of her left thigh. “One,” he said. She had barely heard the hiss of the belt, and it took a moment for the pain to register. As it blossomed, she cried out loudly.

“Two,” he said, and the belt landed again in the same spot on the other thigh. Tossing her head from side to side, she cried out again, and began to moan.

He didn’t hesitate. “Three,” he said, and lowered the belt directly between her thighs, making her scream. The pain was so intense she began to cry, but he settled himself between her thighs and she felt his cock pressing at the entrance to her pussy.

Despite herself, the heat between her thighs overcame the burning of belt and she pressed upward, offering herself eagerly.

“There’s my baby,” he said, as he slid into her easily. She made the little noises that he loved. He smiled down at her. “I want you to come,” he said. “It doesn’t need ot be right this second. If you need to touch yourself to make it happen, you have my permission to touch. You are my sweet girl. I love you and I want you to cum.”

Her eyes popped open and she gazed at his face with such joy it almost overwhelmed him. She smiled and, “If it pleases you, Sir,” she said.

Oh, yeah,” he replied. “Trust me, it does.” And he began to fuck her with such enthusiasm that he slammed his body against the marks on her thighs and ass.

This set off an extreme contrast of sensations from her. The pain, which was relatively mild, and the pleasure of his cock pounding into her.

Her orgasm began with small tremors deep in her core, but they grew and spread until she was rocked by waves of pleasure, peakng and ebbing and peaking again. Crying out, head tossing, her hands on his ass pulling him deeper into her, she orgasmed in waves so strong that he was swept away and began his climax.

They finished together, and then he dropped on top of her, rolling to one side quickly so as not to crush her. She rolled with him so they were both lying on their side, facing each other She watched his face as his breathing slowed, returned to normal. Satisfied and content, she waited to see what he would want from her next.

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