And Then He Was There – III

{Borrowing a page from Naughty Nora, if you missed Part I or Part II of this, you can find them at the links below.}

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Selena shook her head. She was still feeling a bit fuzzy after the fantasy she’d had, still hadn’t absorbed the idea that this very real man sitting in her house, Joshua, had been sent by a wish matcher. And where had that fantasy come from? It was a lovely fantasy, the kind she’d be likely to have, but it seemed to have sprung up from no where. And now he was looking at her like he was wating for something.

“The blog?” He sounded amused, as if he knew that her mind was somewhere else. “You were going to tell me about your blog.”

“Oh.” She was hesitant to tell him. She didn’t tell people in her everyday life about it, after all, it was an erotic blog. Kinky. But he was a Dom. At least – that was what he said, right?

He seemed to sense her confusion, her hesitation. “Selena,” he said. His voice was deep, with just an edge of roughness, and it brought her back into the moment. “It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?”

She nodded. “It really is.”

“I’d love to hear about your blog,” he said. And then he smiled. “But only if you’re comfortable telling me about it.”

“Oh,” she was really flustered still, that fantasy had seemed so real. It had been so long. And he was looking at her, almost like, almost like he knew what had been in her mind. She took a breath. Ok. She could do this. “My blog. Yeah, it’s, well, it’s an erotic blog. You know. Lots of stories. Mostly, I write stories.”

He smiled, and she felt herself relax a bit. “Nice,” he said. “I won’t ask to see them, that would be a bit pushy, wouldn’t it?””

She’d been thinking that she didn’t want him to see her blog, there was so much that revealed her, but suddenly, now that he said he wouldn’t ask to see it, she wanted to show him. But no, it was better not to, not yet.

“I won’t keep you much longer,” he said. “I know you hadn’t planned on this today – well, I hadn’t either as far as that goes. I have some things I have to take care of this afternoon, and I’m sure you do too. But – do you have plans for dinner? I would like to take you to dinner.”

Selena smiled, feeling a tiny rush of relief. For a minute there, she’d thought he was ready to stop before they’d started. But this was good. She’d have time to think. “Dinner would be lovely,” she said. “I’d like that.”

“Good,” he said. “You should meet me there – first date with some stranger who shows up talking about wish matchers – you should definitely have your own car there.” She giggled and then blushed again because he was right, of course. “Bonefish Grill ok? The one about 10 minutes from here- up on Samuel Street.”She nodded, “Yes, that’s perfect. What time?”

“Seven o’clock,” he said. He stood then, and she stood too. He was quite a bit taller than she was, maybe six foot, while she was barely five foot two. “Oh,” he took his phone out of his pocket, “Phone number?”

She laughed, “Seems like your wish fairy could have given you that too,” but he just smiled, shook his head. She gave him the number and a few seconds later she heard her phone ping.

“And now you have mine,” he said.

He took a few steps toward the door, then stopped, turning toward her. He was close to her, and she was totally aware of his body, his after-shave, which was pleasant, but more than that, just his physical presence. He held out one hand, palm open. “Selena,” he said. “I’m going to ask you to touch my hand, but before I do, I want to~” he paused, and his eyes were on her face, she felt as if he were reading her mind. “I want to tell you first that sometimes, in this first week, a simple touch can be pretty intense. But I think it’s only fair that you know that before we have dinner. Will you try this with me? Just lay your hand on mine.”

She hesitated. I mean, how intense could that be? It was just hand to hand contact. But he looked very serious. Uncertainly, she nodded, and slowly she brought her hand up and laid it in his so the palms were facing…

…and tumbled back into her earlier fantasy, picking up with his hand on her cheek, his thumb thrust firmly in her mouth, his other hand on her naked breast, and yes, she was completely naked and he was completely clothed. A little whimper escaped her as his hand tweaked the nipple lightly. “Good girl,” he said and she melted a bit, leaning still closer to him.

“Look at me,” he said, and with his hand, he tilted her head back so she was couldn’t avoid looking into his eyes. He smiled. “You’re beautiful,” he said. “And I think we can have a lot of fun. I love to spank. For pleasure, for discipline. sometimes because you like it too, sometimes because you need it, and sometimes just because I want to. I’ll want to fuck your mouth, and your cunt, and your ass. I’ll want you to submit to me, to follow my directions, to obey me. I don’t expect you to tell me if you want that right now. But I want you to know that’s what I would want.”

He let go of her then, in the fantasy, he let her go, and she felt sad to feel his hands removed from her body, chilled where they had warmed her.

In real life, he lifted her hand off of his, gently placed it by her side. The fantasy receded, she was fully dressed again, and only the heat between her thighs remained to prove it had actually happened. But she was definitely hot, nipples hard too. She shivered. “What the hell? Did we just share that fantasy? Did you make that happen?”

“Yes, well, not just me. You too – it was both of us.” She thought he looked entirely too pleased about it, but she couldn’t help smiling.

“That was – well, that was really something,” she said.

He shook his head, laughing, “It was really too much,” he said. “I mean, we just met. I didn’t intend to share all my secrets up front like that.”

“But wait,” she said, “how did you even do that? Is that going to happen every time you touch me? Cause I don’t know if I can take that level of – what did you call it – intensity? Yeah, that level of intensity, that’s a lot.”

“Right!” He nodded firmly, but he was still grinning. “That’s what I said – too much. But seriously, I think that only happens under certain conditions, and I don’t know if it lasts past this first week. But look, I can touch your shoulder, for example, and nothing happens.” Carefully, he laid his hand on her shoulder.

He was right. The fantasy didn’t come to life again. But his hand felt good. She felt her body soften and had to stop herself from stepping closer to him.

He smiled, gently this time. “It’s ok. We’ll take our time.

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