And Then He Was There – IV

{If you missed the beginning: Part IPart IIPart III}

The door closed behind him and Selena looked around her apartment, feeling bewildered. Had that really just happened? She wanted to call someone and tell them about it, but really? Who would she tell? It would sound like she’d lost her mind.

And she had a dinner date. Omg. With a Dom. Cause he was quite clearly a dom, even without the fantasies she would have guessed that. Although. Wait. How did she know that his fantasy was the same as hers? What if he’d been seeing something completely different? And wasn’t that what usually happened, for real? You thought you wanted the same thing and it turned out they had something completely different in mind. Who knows what was going on in his head while that fantasy unrolled in hers.

Maybe she should ask him about it. Or maybe she could just ride it out and see what happened. After all, what did Pema Chodron say?

“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all…”

More importantly, what was she going to wear tonight? Bonefish Grill, you could dress up, or not. Not jeans. Not pants at all. Something relaxed and comfortable, but cute. Attractive. Warm, welcoming- or something. She sighed. Was there time to shop?

But ‘Start in your own closet’ she thought. And there – she found a dress, the one she bought at the end of last summer, right before she and Patrick broke up, and she’d never worn it. ‘Frigging long, lonely winter’ she thought.

But it was cute. Summery enough for May in the south. With a sweater, she wouldn’t freeze in the restaurant. Slipping it over her head, she realized that she’d lost a couple of pounds, or just tightened up a bit. The dress fit nicely, better than she remembered it fitting. Short sleeves, a bodice that followed her shape and tucked at the waist, but not too much, and fell to her calves. Sandals with a bit of heel. There was underwear she hadn’t worn in a while either—

Omg, that thought pulled her up short. What was she thinking? First date with a complete stranger. He was NOT going to see her underwear. Probably not. She was going to shave her legs, of course, or use the epilady. Been a while since she’d done that. As for other parts of her body –

‘Damn. I’m going to shave for him,’ she thought. ‘I don’t even like to shave down there. It’s too short notice for a waxing appointment. But I shouldn’t do anything. It’s way too soon to even think about doing anything that would call for me to shave.’ But she was looking for scissors while she fussed at herself.

It was only 2:00, she had hours before dinner. Her phone pinged and she checked it quickly. It was him. She read:

Hi. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our shared fantasy. The feeling of my thumb in your mouth was quite erotic, and the rest of it was very nice too.

Smiling, she texted back,

It was nice. Thanks for messaging.

She thought about that, then added I’m looking forward to tonight.

His response was quick. I am too. There are a couple of things I wanted to tell you before then. May I email you?

Please do. Selenathompson

I have some other things to take care of first and I t will take me a bit to draft my message. I’ll send it about 4:00. Hope you have a pleasant afternoon.

Thanks. You too. She hit ‘send’ and stood there looking at the phone. More mystery. Her heart was beating quickly, and she was still half turned on.

’Screw this,’ she thought. ’I’m going for a walk.’ Quickly, she slipped on comfortable pants and a top. Her Nikes. She grabbed a bottle of water and headed for the park up the street.

She walked briskly for about 45 minutes and began to relax. Whatever this was, it was going to be an adventure, and that was good. Or not bad. She was getting hungry. She’d go home and have an apple. Maybe take a quick nap. Then a hot bath and the epilady and some trim work down there, maybe shaving. She sighed. Maybe not. She’d wait and see what this email from Joshua was going to say.

At home, Selena ate an apple, started some laundry. Killing time, she was resisting checking her email until 4:00. She didn’t want to get ready too early. She read for a while, relaxing in her rocking chair, almost falling asleep. But she was looking at her phone at 4, saw the notification move across the screen. Immediately, she was awake, on full alert.

Opened the message. It was kind of long. Good.

Dear Selena,

I want to start with the information the wish matcher shared with me. As I told you, we have a week to decide if we’re interested in pursuing a relationship. At any time, we can decide to stop. If we decide to stop, we can also decide if we want to remember that it happened. It only takes one of us to end it, and either of us can do it by saying outloud, “This person is not who I wished for. I don’t want to continue.” The wish matcher recommends that we spend as much time as possible with each other over this week – although of course, even if we go on past this week, we can still stop at any time.

I also want to share my hopes and expectations for tonight. I hope we’ll have a pleasant meal and get to know each in a vanilla way. Neither sex, defined as penetration of the genitals, nor oral sex, are in my plans for tonight. I would like to taste a bit more of our shared fantasies.

Selena paused at that part, “…a taste of our fantasies…” lingering in her mind. Oh, yes. Although – she hoped she didn’t get too turned on. That could be, well, awkward. She brought her attention back to the message.

I suggest we not do that in the restaurant – the privacy of your home or mine seems more appropriate, or even in a car. I would like to spank you tonight.

Selena stopped again. Omg. Oh. Yes. Yes, please. No, wait… what?

Of course, that depends on how the evening goes and whether you consent to that or not. Obviously, we won’t do that in the restaurant either.

She burst out laughing. No. Definitely not.

I’m thinking a simple over the knee hand spanking. Panties down. But that’s negotiable, ahead of time.

I’d also like to hear your thoughts about the evening. Is there anything in particular that worries you? What do you hope for? I’ll want to ask you a great many questions, and hope that you are open to responding with honesty as fully as you are able. You are of course free to ask me anything. Also, please feel free to look me up on social media. Friend me if you like, connect as much or as little as you like.

I look forward to spending time with you this evening. Seven o’clock, Bonefish Grill.

Selena finished reading the message and realized she was almost holding her breath. ‘Well,’ she thought. ‘Plenty to think about there! And his social media, good grief, why didn’t I already think of that? I have lots of work to do.” And with a deep breath or two, she clicked on Facebook.

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