And Then He Was There

She read through it again. “Her legs trembled, but she didn’t look away. ‘Yes, Sir, I agree to obey,’ and if her voice shook as she said the last part, it was understandable, but she went on, “agree to obey without question, without knowing what you will ask of me ahead of time.'” She smiled as she hit “publish.” One more chapter done. The folks who had signed up for her Patronus would be pleased.

She rubbed her eyes, stretched. She’d been sitting at the computer for hours. Days, it felt like. But she’d been lost in the story, and that was good. Story was all she had these days to remind her of her own kinky self. The rest of her life was pretty mundane, but when she was writing, she could feel like she was in touch with her own desires to submit, to be spanked, to be expected to obey. She sighed. Like the refrain of her life, she could hear the Rolling Stones playing “you can’t always get what you want…”

“I wish,” she thought, “I wish…” and she could almost see him in her mind’s eye. Older, like she was, but in good shape for an old guy. His eyes were kind and wise, this was a man who had seen evil and refused to take that path. His hands were strong and firm, but not cruel. Or not cruel most of the time, she added to the picture she was painting. He was confident, so confident he could admit when he was wrong. She sighed.

When she looked up and saw the man standing in front of her, in her own living room, she gasped, almost screamed. He just smiled. “The door was open,” he said.

“No, no it -” but when she looked over, the door was standing ajar. “But -“

“And you wished for me,” he said. He smiled, and she noticed that his eyes were kind. He was older, but seemed to be in good shape.

“I didn’t – I mean, I did, but…”

He raised an eyebrow. “You did. Whether you meant it or not, you did. And I’m here now.” He paused.

“But – you can’t really exist. I mean, I can’t have wished you into being!”

He laughed, “No, I was already a being, I have my own life, and if you decide not to let me into your life, I’ll leave, and you probably won’t remember any of this.” His voice was deep, and smooth, like honey, she thought.

“Ok, this is crazy.” She rubbed her forehead, “This can’t be happening. But it is. I think I need more coffee.” She stood up, paused, unable to take her eyes off him.

“Coffee would be great,” he said.

She shook her head. “This is some cruel hoax, right? I mean, you look like one of those guys I get Facebook requests from. Too good-looking to be real. I guess next you’re gonna tell me you’re a doctor and you live in Switzerland or some such nonsense.”

He laughed. and she had to smile, his laugh was warm and inviting. “No,” he said, “Not a doctor, and I live right here in town. Look, I know this must seem crazy, and I can’t believe I signed up for this, but here I am, and I would love some coffee. I’ll tell you my story if you want to offer me a cup.”

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