Thursday Again – 10-24

And the days keep going, as they should.

Today, tomorrow – and then my daughter will be back!! Woohoo!!

I’m super busy, mostly because my mornings and late afternoon/evenings are pretty much all-kids, all-the-time. You know, it is not just taking care of them, but you have to cook for them! Or at least buy food. And clean up – like dishes and such. I may even be looking at doing laundry, when I barely keep up with my own.

Speaking of which – chili is on the menu tonight, with cornbread, and if I don’t get to it, it won’t get done. So I’ll leave you with this.

“It is essential to allow yourself to know what you know, instead of driving yourself to be. When there is so much striving to be and become, we don’t often recognize what it is we really want when it’s right there in front of us.”
~~ Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein

4 thoughts on “Thursday Again – 10-24

    • Omg, Roz, you have no idea how much I’m looking forward to her being home!! Not quite as much as the kids, but close. I am enjoying them though, for the most part. They’re pretty terrific kids. Thanks! And I’m glad you liked the quote! ❤


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