Late LOL

I can’t believe Love Our Lurkers was yesterday – is that even right?  Yikes!  I LOVE LOL, so I hate that I’m late.  I have a bunch of new subscribers, but am never sure that more than a couple of them actually read here again.  🙂

But if you’re out there

I’d love to hear from you.  And if you feel inspired, tell me what you like best about the world of kinky blogging…

14 thoughts on “Late LOL

  1. Hello Olivia, Eric and I love reading other bloggers because we realize we are not so different in our desires and fantasies after all and we have gotten some great ideas and inspiration from others… Like you!

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    • Thanks, Amy – yes, I’ve always felt the same way. Just knowing there are other people who have the same desires and problems and are finding solutions is wonderful. Thanks for commenting!! ❤


  2. what i like best about your blog is how uplifting you are and how positive your outlook on life is! Even when you’re writing a post about all the “bad” stuff that’s happened you manage to find a way to pep talk yourself (and your readers) out of the doldrums! It’s a wonderful gift! Thank you for inspiring your readers 🙂

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  3. Happy belated LOL, Olivia! … I always read but don’t always comment … what I appreciate most is your positivity in the face of life’s challenges … nj … xx

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      • The best way to learn and grow is to hang out with like minded folks. Which, when it comes to kink, whatever form that takes, is pretty hard to do. Braver city folks go to clubs, I guess. That would not be an option for Frank nor me (altho’ I admit I’d be curious) without him. In a small town it’s an impossibility .. nj

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  4. Not really a lurker, but sufficiently presumptuous to assume you won’t mind my answering anyhow… ;-p
    I just like getting to know people, kinky or non-kinky. (You know I’m more of an in-betweenie even at the best of times.) I’ll admit, however, that it’s also nice to have a place to tell the funny stories that aren’t appropriate to share in real life. (So basically, I like having an audience! :-D)


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    • Yep, there are few things I like more than comments from you. ❤ It is amazingly wonderful that we can meet such a rich variety of people on hte interent and form relatinships that would never have happened otherwise. Plus – yes. All lthat stuff we'd never say to our friends that can come out here.


  5. What I appreciate specifically about your blog is not only the positivity but also the realism of it. I appreciate that you are willing to write about the difficulties that can occur with a D/s dynamic. It isn’t always unicorns farting sparkles while jumping over a rainbow! LOL. I love that you are still willing to share that with others in a real way!

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