This is the kind of thing that i would only share here becuase really, no one is going to be interested in it, um, because it’s not really interesting to anyone but me.  And if you came looking for sexy lingerie, you are going to be disappointed.  Sorry.

So.  For many years, I slept naked.  Or nude, which sounds a bit classier, right?  For many years.  Then one night, a while back, maybe a year or so now, i slept in a t-shirt.  The material was soft and kind of felt good and My Partner didn’t care, so i started sleeping in t-shirts.

Recently, the t-shirts were too hot for Where We Live Now so i picked up some flimsier silkier things, two of which i really like while one is actually as hot as the t-shirts were.  So sometimes i wear a chemise.  But then i don’t want to just wear that in the morning to get coffee, even if i pull on some pants, it’s too chilly.

See how complex it’s gotten?  i’ve gone from nude to t-shirts to layers in a swoosh.  And it’s not even interesting.  But still.

So today, i was at Goodwill with my daughter looking for clothes for my grands when i saw a couple of light robes.  One of them is a three-quarters length silky kimono robe.  It’s off white with a pretty peach-y pattern.  Kind of like this, but a different color pattern.  And a different pattern:



The other robe is flimsier, light, light blue, that buttons down the front.  Kind of like this:


Anyhow, i think i’m going to get some little nighties – at least, that’s what we used to call them.  Something really simple, like this maybe:


To sleep in.

I’m not sure why this seems important to me, but it does.  Funny, isn’t it?  But i guess i’ve never done this before, for real.  Just picked out what i thought i’d like to sleep in.  Usually i’ve had warm fuzzy robes – i’ve picked those out for myself before, or been given them, and enjoyed that.  But somehow, this is different.


9 thoughts on “Sleepwear

  1. What men sleep in is even less interesting, I rather fancy. But 2 years ago, when I had my spinal fusion, I started wearing flannel pyjamas, the kind sit-com Dads would wear. Truth be told. In the winter, they feel pretty good.

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  2. And here I am, thinking this seems perfectly normal to me.
    I’d only start wondering what was happening to me if I started feeling the urge to sleep naked.

    She Who Covers At All Cost


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