It’s Monkey!!

That’s who i’m meeting.  Monkey.  I can’t tell you how excited i am.


I feel like i’ve known Monkey forever – ok, maybe only since 2010, but that was the beginning of my kink life, my blogging life, and so it was really the start of a whole new life.  We’ve been through so many eras together, it feels like a lifetime ago.

It seems like i’ve watched monkey blossom.  i hope that doesn’t sound patronizing, because i totally don’t mean it that way, but she really has.  Like many of us, with so much angst and pain and suffering, and so much strength and courage.  But blossoming in her own way, with love and wisdom.

It’s funny – or maybe not – but Jade is a bit like a daughter to me, although she has her own wisdom and strength, while Monkey is definitely a sister.

i’m going to meet her someplace i’ve never been before – we’ll call it Very Far Away.  i’m signed up for a weekend workshop there and decided to go a day early, partly to recover from jet lag, and, i hoped, to meet monkey.

There’s some back story, and i guess it’s a little bit odd.  A couple of years ago i met a woman – a teacher – who i wanted to study with.  But she lives and teaches in Very Far Away and it felt like she might as well live on the moon.  Still, i believed that someday there would be some synchronicity in the universe and i would end up studying with her.  “And,” i said to myself, “When i do, then i’ll get to meet monkey!”

So here i am, poised on the edge of that adventure (ok, another 5 weeks away, but that’s nothing.)  i don’t know what monkey has in mind, but i’m probably up for it.  Unless it involves staying up late, in which case, you can count me out.  But otherwise, i’m ready.

Let the adventures begin…

3 thoughts on “It’s Monkey!!

  1. oh man i wish i was going with you to Very Far Away!! Really, really, really bad. Like almost as much as getting a puppy. Monkey has been around for a long time, and i know you feel as i do that our readers are as much a part of the journey as anything we write. i hope you post a million pictures on fb. (waves at monkey!!) And…i cannot believe, by the way, that you managed to make the mother reference without calling me Missy. Heh. ❤ Love you.


  2. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Yes, I’m shouting. I’m so excited, and no I don’t feel like you were patronizing.
    And YES! I feel like you are a sister (Waves back at Missy Jade)
    And I have a million places I want to take you and then I think I just want to stay in one place and talk all day.
    I can’t wait!!!!!


    • Omg, I really can’t wait either!! I want to go to ALL the places and I want to sit around and drink coffee and talk… But it’s going to be here before we know it. I can’t beieve it’s almost November!! Woohoooo!!


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