This Happened on Fet

On Fetlife, i got a message from a 30 year old man who lives fairly near me.  He identifies as “Straight” and “Curious want to try. ”  After exchanging a couple of pleasantries, we have this conversation:

Him:  So what are you looking for on here?

Me:   Oh, good question. Maybe just enough connection with the world of BDSM to remember it’s still my thing. How about you?

Him:  Fun people. Like hanging out and in the bedroom

Him:  (separate message) I’m looking for some company every night too

Me:  That’s cool. Are you involved in the kink community here?

Him:  No. I just started couple months ago. You wanna come over and we have some fun

Me:  No. Thanks for asking.
Him:  Why not
It totally made me giggle.  “Why not”  There are soooo many answers I could give…  But before I do, let’s pause for a minute.  What would you say?  Why not
Then scroll down for my potential responses
Things I could say:
Me:  Why not?  Why on earth would I?  What have you offered except some vague “fun” and I have no frigging idea what that even means to you?  Are  we going to watch football on TV?  Bake brownies?  What?
Me:  Why not?  Is that supposed to be a question?  Where’s the question mark?
Me:  Omigoodness.  Darling.  You are so far out of your league, you don’t even have a clue.  Don’t make me laugh.
Me:  {Can’t even say anything}
Me:  Don’t do this.  Don’t even pursue this conversation when it’s obvious you’re not even interested.  Give yourself a break.  Look for someone who sparks some energy and enthusiasm.  Get to know them first.  Fetlife is not actually a mindless hook-up site.
But enough of that.  The big excitement coming up in my life is that i get to meet another blogger.  If you read her blog, you already know that we’re meeting.  I am as excited about it as she is.
Stay tuned…

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