All the Feelings

“Play me something that makes me feel;
This soul inside me is made of steel.
Brain is breathing, but heart’s not beating
And, babe, I need you to make things real.
Walk inside me without silence,
Kill the past and change the tense.
Empty gnawing and the ache is soaring;
Take me places that make more sense.”
― Melina Marchetta, The Piper’s Son

I read that this morning and shivered a bit. Something about “I need you to make things real” and “Walk inside me without silence,” touched me.   My heart is beating, mostly, and my soul is certainly not made of steel.  But “Play me something that makes me feel,” speaks to me on some visceral level.

My planning time while i was away helped me get focused a bit – focused on an overall approach to life in a way that might help move me forward.  Also, I”m taking an exciting class that starts Tuesday, and I just ordered some additional on-line classes/lectures to support that learning from a different angle.

None of which reduces the longing for a belt across my ass, rope around my wrists, and a Dominant man to tell me exactly how he wants my mouth on his cock.



4 thoughts on “All the Feelings

  1. Heh. All aboard! i wanna go, too!! i celebrate your new adventures in learning and growing parts of you that are precious and worthy. And i mourn for a loss that is so deep that there are no words for it. i know it though when i see it, hear it, in another girl. </3

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