One thing not to worry about – and more…

One thing not to worry about

…is whether or not i actually get all these September prompts done or not!  Or all the other things that don’t really matter in the greater scheme of the universe.


The last library i visited…

…was with my grandkids and was lots of fun.  i don’t usually check books out of the library – i have issues with returning them in a timely manner.  Even if i’ve already read them.  Sometimes i do ok for a while, but even now, i’ve got one book that i’ve probably had for a year.  Sigh…

One thing to do today…

…is go get my nails done.  i’m going to be out of town next week, and if i don’t do it today, it won’t get done for another week.  i got that gel polish last time, so my nails don’t look bad, but you’re not supposed to leave that on for too long.

Also today, i’m going to make some progress on these September prompts!!  And maybe get caught up on reading Other People’s Blogs.

Three good thoughts…

…i’m not really sure what they mean by “good.” Maybe “helpful?” or “fun to think?”  Or maybe they mean thoughts about things we’re looking forward to?  Thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky, and theoretically it’s not so helpful to hold on to them.  wallpapersxl-clouds-moving-138182-1600x1200

However, here we go.

One:  Perfectionism will kill you.  If it doesn’t kill you physically – through all that increased stress – it will kill your joy in the moment and your pleasure in the good-enough.  Perfectionism kills creativity and the flow of energy.  It kills our own sense of well-being.  It harms our relationships with our children, our friends, and our lovers.

Letting of perfectionism can be a life-long goal – and we may never get it perfectly right.  🙂  But it’s a goal worth attending to.

Two:  Right now, in this moment, everything is ok.  If it’s actually not ok in this moment, then you’re probably taking action, not sitting around thinking.


Whatever is not ok is either in the future or in the past.  If you’re reading this post, then right this moment, you’re ok.

Three:  You’ll find your answers within yourself.  You may need information from outside, and you may want to weigh in other people’s opinions.  But ultimately, you are the best resource for how to live your own life.

One challenge to that is finding your own voice through all the other voices we hear – parents and grandparents, teachers and friends, lovers and Masters and Doms – or slaves and submissives.  Our culture – TV and radio, the news and every book we ever read – all those voices are in our head.

Learning to hear our true self.  That’s the path to finding your own answers – which are all inside you.







3 thoughts on “One thing not to worry about – and more…

  1. This post was a delicious exhale after a long week. i agree with so much here. Heh. And i have to confess-i wanted to do the prompts, and then decided that i couldn’t since i was late and couldn’t do it “right”, and had to catch myself and remember that-seriously-it does not matter at all. As it turns out, i haven’t had time to write all week because i’ve been super busy. It’s funny the insipid ways perfectionism tries to show up in our lives, and that is a whole different matter from doing our best as a choice rather than some strange dictum about doing things the “right” way all of the time. Like prompts. Heh. Love to you! Oh!! i got my nails done, and always do gel. We have this awesome “mood gel” that changes colors! Mine is sapphire and its way more fun than it probably should be watching it changes colors from deep blue, nearly black, to light blue. Of course, i’m only allowed black polish usually, so this is quite a treat for me. i hope you are relaxing and have one of those yummy massager chairs. Getting a mani pedi together is on my bucket list with you! ❤

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    • Thanks, jade, i would love to do a mani/pedi with you! Now it’s on my list. But i don’t know how you can stand that gel polish when they remove it. The file scraping it off, the polish remover combined with the aluminum foil just soaking into my fingernail, more scraping with a metal instrument – it makes me shudder just thinking about it, and not in a good way. No, sorry, i had forgotten how much i hate that.

      But other than that it was relaxing, and i did have a super massager chair!

      So we can be perfection-busters together, fighting for the right to be good enough…

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      • The battle to stop perfectionism def needs a buddy system for those moments that sneak up on us. I have to do gel bc I clean so much I destroy a regular mani in two days. Thankfully my toes just get reg nail polish. I agree with you. And-wait!-you have a list?! 😊😊😊💙❤️💛


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