Check-in 4-10-16

So the week had some ups and some downs.  That’s ok.  They all do.  i’m working on being less judgmental about my self these days – since that’s what i’m forever telling other people to do!!  It’s good to practice what you preach.

In other news, i lost a pound, gained a pound and a half,  lost a pound, and gained a pound.  Screw the scales.  i ate super healthy and sparingly most of the week, then i lost it and had popcorn and cereal and graham crackers for dinner Friday night.  Sequentially, not at the same time.  Yum.

The problem is that i have not changed my relationship with food.  Sigh.  It’s my consolation and my reward.  When i eat less, i feel deprived, and feel the need to make up for it eventually.

i was pretty productive, work-wise, a couple of days this week, and i was super productive on home stuff yesterday.  Plus, i have reason to believe that i might get my taxes done today or Monday, which is well before the deadline, so that’s exciting.  i’m developing some reasonable systems for organizing my work flow, which is also exciting.  Ok, maybe not really exciting.  A little bit exciting?

Ok, not as exciting as nipple clamps or belts or kneeling at his feet.  But today is another day, and i’m sure i will have my own fantasies again, and write about them.  So there’s that.  It’s still cold here, but spring will eventually drive the cold away and life will be swell.  Right?


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