i love this poem.*   And i started reading a new series of BDSM books last night - The Dominants of Genesis.  i'm not quite through the first one yet (true confession, i read it for the plot and the D/s, and sort of skim the sex stuff - i know, crazy.)  But so far, … Continue reading Worries


Dreamlanddancing commented on one of my comments with the phrase: "Baraka Bashad."  i had to google that; i'd never heard it before.  It's from the Sufi tradition and it  means, "May the blessings be," or  "May the blessings flow."   It reminds me of the Wiccan "Blessed be." But the google trail led me to … Continue reading Learning

Three more days…

Three more days til my mini-vacation; i am super-excited.  But also trying to stay in the moment since the vacation doesn't start for 3 more days! i was super-productive yesterday, but doubt if i can sustain that level of excellence the rest of the week.  Plus, i worked 12 hours to accomplish what i did. … Continue reading Three more days…


i have shared this before in a variety of places, but just want to leave it here today.  i always have to watch it twice, once because i'm mesmerized by the bodies, and then again so I can let the words register. Hope you enjoy it. (If you can't see it here, go to Youtube … Continue reading Trust