i have shared this before in a variety of places, but just want to leave it here today.  i always have to watch it twice, once because i’m mesmerized by the bodies, and then again so I can let the words register.

Hope you enjoy it.

(If you can’t see it here, go to Youtube and search for Cirque du Soleil, trust)

I share this in vanilla venues too, but i always think of it as particularly representative of the trust that happens in a D/s relationship.  The in-the-moment awareness of their own body, and the other person’s, is so beautifully clear, and that’s the way D/s has often been for me.

So here we go, into a new week.  i start some vacation time on Friday, and i’m super excited about that, but there are days to go first – dishes and laundry to do – and things to enjoy…

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