Dreamlanddancing commented on one of my comments with the phrase: “Baraka Bashad.”  i had to google that; i’d never heard it before.  It’s from the Sufi tradition and it  means, “May the blessings be,” or  “May the blessings flow.”   It reminds me of the Wiccan “Blessed be.”

But the google trail led me to this blog, entitled Baraka Bashad.  It hasn’t been used since 2011, but it’s lovely.  i can cut and paste the words:


to all who seek kindness,
share wisdom
          and are assistants
to our Omniverse.


to all who cultivate knowledge
of what it means to share.

BARAKA BASHAD is a Sufi expression, meaning “May the Blessings Be”, “May the Blessings Flow” or simply “Blessings Be”. Reminiscent of the Wiccan “Blessed Be”, a Christian equal might perhaps be “Thy will be done”.

…but it doesn’t do it justice.   The blog has an atmosphere, like a home does, and there is some lovely poetry, so i invite you to visit the blog.  With thanks to Dreamlanddancing for getting me started looking at this.  It was such a lovely way to start the morning.




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