Big excitement here – a blogging friend, someone i met through an earlier incarnation of my blog – is coming to visit.  She arrives tomorrow, and i’m super excited.  We met through blogs, but have gotten together in real life several times, and this will be her third annual visit.

i have a ton of house cleaning to do before she gets here.  And  a ton of work for my job.  And a hair appointment.  Nails were yesterday.

My friend would say not to worry about the house, but only because she’s not here looking at it.

And i have more house guests coming Friday, which is also exciting.

MP is not feeling well and that’s worrisome.  i’ll try again today to talk him into going to the doctor, but based on history, that’s not likely to be effective.

My sexy, kinky blog has become a Dear Diary of the most mundane sort.

And i’m awake way too early this morning.

Finally – did you know that if you google “naked cleaning images” not only pictures, but GIFs  like this pop up?  It is indeed an amazing world we live in.



On that note, i’m gonna start my day.


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