The Man Behind the Desk

The man behind the desk shook his head, looked up at the girl sitting in his study watching him. Wearing a pencil skirt, a white blouse, and heels, she looked like a secretary. She even had her hair pulled up in a messy bun, and glasses. But she was not a secretary.

The man behind the desk shook his head again, and watched her face fall from hopeful to disappointed.

”No,” he said. “You’ve done a few things right here, you can take a look.” He held the papers out, reaching across the desk. “I’ve made some comments,”he said. “But you started out too extreme again. You can’t immediately jump into the story with a naked girl consenting to hand over control to some man she doesn’t even know. I like the Dylan character – he’s believable anyhow!”

He avoided looking at her because he knew she was near tears. He did not want her sobbing in his study – not for this anyhow. He went on, “And you’ve got something here when you talk about how she wants to give herself and serve. But-“ he paused, “You know what it is? I think you’re greedy.”

She gasped, but before she could protest, he said, “No, no, just wait, don’t say anything. You’re still so new to this, new to the lifestyle, and you want it all right away. That’s normal, you sub girls are like that. ‘Sub frenzy’ we call it. But you can’t just put yourself out there like that in real life, and” catching a glimpse of her horrified face, he quickly added, “I know you’re not doing that in real life, I know that, but here,” he shook the papers again, “here on paper, that’s what you’re doing.”

Dejected, she slumped in her seat. “I’m hopeless then?” She asked.

“Not completely,” he said matter-of-factly. “You have some good material here, and you’re a decent writer. But you knew this would take work when you signed up with me. If it was easy, everybody would be writing a novel.”

”I know,” she said, “I really do. And I’m really grateful…”

”You will be less grateful, probably, after the next step of this process, right? You’ve made another unsuccessful attempt today. I’m pleased that you worked hard on it and I’m looking forward to your next effort. But this is only Saturday afternoon, lots of time left to try again.”

“So I can write some more today?” She asked eagerly.

“Yes,” he said, “You don’t have to be ready for the dungeon til 9, and even dinner isn’t til 7:00. Plenty of time. But it’s not time for writing. You remember what comes next, don’t you?”

She blushed, looking down, she said, “Yes… yes, Sir.”

”Tell me,” he said, enjoying this moment of watching her squirm.

”Um, you – you – well,” her voice dropped to a whisper, “You spank me, Sir.”

”Correct. Where do I spank you?”

She thought she would die of embarrassment. But he had been clear about what he expected. “On my – my naked bottom,” she stammered.

He grinned. “Good girl. Stand up now, let’s get that skirt pulled up around your waist.”

Obediently she stood, torn between excitement and dread. This would be her second spanking of the day. She had only been spanked a few times before coming here, and the earlier spanking had surprised her. It had not been as painful as she expected, but it had been even more arousing than any of the previous spankings. She could have cum so easily, but he had informed her, in no uncertain terms, that orgasms were only allowed with his permission. Needless to say, no permission had been granted.

She stood, and reluctantly began pulling her skirt up. She regretted wearing the pencil skirt – if she had worn a looser skirt, she would have been able to lift the back part and leave the front down. But with the stupid pencil skirt, the whole thing ended up around her waist, leaving her way too exposed.

He had insisted on taking her panties during the first spanking, so she was essentially naked from the waist down. He seemed uninterested in her nakedness, other than her ass.

She saw that he had a small strap in his hand, and she shuddered. He had only used his hand the first time. For a minute, she could only stare at the strap, wondering what it would feel like and how much it would hurt. But –

”Do you want extra, young lady?” He asked.

”Oh, no, Sir,” she said quickly, and then, as he had made her do earlier, she bent over the arm of the chair she had been sitting on. It was a large, upholstered chair, quite comfortable for sitting, and she supposed it was not terrible for spanking either. Because of her heels, her waist was several inches higher than the arm of the chair. When she bent over it, her torso rested comfortably on the seat, but her ass was raised uncomfortably high.

”Open your legs, please,” he said.

He had not told her to do that last time, and she hesitated now.

”That’s two extra,” he said, almost casually. “On the thighs. Now open your legs,”

But she had obeyed before he finished the sentence.

His hands stroked her ass and her upper thighs. She smiled, glad that her face was hidden under her hair the way she was positioned. That felt soooo good.

”I’ll spank you here,” he said, his hands stroking the plump ass cheeks offered to him, “and here,” moving his hands down to her upper thighs. “There will be no orgasms. No sex at all, no butt plugs, and no, you may not use your mouth on my cock.”

She felt her heart pounding, relieved that he wasn’t going to do those things, and disappointed that he wasn’t going to do those things. She wanted to protest that she hadn’t asked to do anything with his cock, but she knew that after the last spanking she would have gladly dropped to her knees and done her best to please him.

“I’ll give you 20 this time,” he said, “and 2 extra. Feel free to moan or cry, but keep your hands in front of you. If you disobey that, there will be extras.”

With his hands still caressing her, she felt so content that she didn’t anticipate the shock as the hands were removed, she heard a whack as the strap landed. She barely felt any pain at first, but in a second it began to burn. The second blow landed right below the first, on the same cheek. He paused to let the pain rise and fall, then rubbed the skin gently.

“This spanking is not a punishment,” he said, just as he had the first time. “If it were punishment, each one would be harder and there would be no rubbing.”

The third and fourth blows landed on the other cheek and by then she was squirming and a whimper escaped her. Again, the pause to let the pain bloom and recede.

Five and six on the first cheek again had her moaning, but the gentle touch of his hand almost made her long for more.

He alternated cheeks until he reached a count of ten. The whole lower part of her ass was red, and he paused to trace the slight welts he had raised. His hands were cool on her flaming hot ass, and she whimpered with pleasure now.

“Ten more,” he said, “these will be a little bit harder. Can you take it a little bit harder for me?”

”Yes,” she gasped, “Yes, Sir, I can.”

”Good girl,” he said, as he raised the strap again

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