Or Not

And I canceled the subscription.

Can’t do it. No dating apps for me. It was too awkward.

Not that I actually talked to anybody. But I had to decide when I was going to talk about MP, and no matter how I pictured that, it didn’t feel right.

There is just no way to say, “Oh, yeah, I live with somebody, but I just kind of take care of him, in a half-assed way. We used to be in a relationship, but now we’re not, because he’s disabled” without sounding like a terrible person. (Without being a terrible person?)

Even if I told MP up front and he was ok with it, it doesn’t feel right.

I feel so trapped.

8 thoughts on “Or Not

  1. Sending lots of hugs your way, Olivia. I don’t have a full understanding of your relationship with MP but this sounds very hard. If you ever want to talk about this in more depth, please feel free to reach out via email. My situation is different than yours but there are some similarities. Us gals have to stick together ❤

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