I am still chatting with some people on Fetlife. Not with the first guy who started a conversation, I think I scared him off. Lol, no really. He asked me a question. He wanted to know my opinion on the Dom/sub vs Master/slave distinction. In retrospect, I think he just wanted a short “people should call themselves whatever they want,” response. Instead – y’all know me – I had 5 paragraphs of thoughts about it. You know what they say, be careful what you ask for.

Anyhow, he answered kind of stiffly and gave me his one or two lines of thought on it. And he was maybe already a bit uncomfortable because I’d been asking about his involvement in the community. He’s not involved, he’s ‘flying under the radar’ and that’s fine, but after that last exchange about M/s stuff, he didn’t respond. Of course I let it drop immediately.

But I’ve been chatting with some guy in Texas, and a woman in NYC. I’m going to take an on-line class this week, or participate in a group, called Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles, led by Dawn, who’s been teaching and presenting for a long time. I’m excited about that. I’ve met Dawn at events long ago and really appreciate her energy.

In other news, I’m still doing Noom, but not as faithfully as I need to be. My weight is bouncing around in the 159-162 range, which is an improvement for sure, but not exactly where I thought about being. Ultimately, I need to move more – and instead, here I am, sitting at my computer writing away. That’s ok, it’s still early…

Anyhow. I just set up a free zoom account for my kinky self, lol, lol. So I can do the group thing. The magic of technology!

Otherwise, life is good. It’s a good day to send good energy your way too…

May all beings be peaceful.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be safe.

May all being awaken to the light

of their true nature

May all beings be free.

7 thoughts on “And IRL

  1. It sounds like that first guy may not have really known what he was talking about. He probably was very surprised that you had so thoroughly thought out the differences. Smiles. He should consider getting involved (and educated in the D/s community). Your on-line class sounds super fun! Can you provide any info for the teacher or the class? I might like to do something like that at some point too πŸ™‚

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  2. That sounds like a interesting and fun class hope you enjoy it. .. Try to keep moving around take short walks it will help..not that we complain when you write because its always great .


    • Thanks, M, I think it will be fun. We’ll see. I’m sure you’ll hear something about it either way. Yes, you’re right, even short walks are good. I’ll try to do better… πŸ’œ


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