The Need for Connection

I move in phases, I think. My needs ebb and flow like waves, but there are tides too, not just the roll of each wave.

Like most introverts, I have a deep need for alone-ness – which I’ve indulged this week while MP was out of town. From that sense of being alone, the need for connection arises.

So I made a friend on Fetlife. Not with some Domly Dude, but with this guy in Texas. We mostly don’t talk about sex or kink at all, but he’s a real person. And he pays attention to me, which, you know. I am a bit of an attention slut.

Anyhow. Then I signed up for the group on Fet, so there’s another connection.

I joined a couple of new Facebook groups too, but they’re local so theoretically I could actually meet people through them. If the delta variant doesn’t shut everything down again. One of them is a Pagan/Wiccan group and I’m cautiously excited about that.

Today, I’m feeling my palms tingle as if – I don’t even know. It’s like an electric charge held in reserve. That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But true. If I hold my palms facing each other, close but not touching, I can feel the energy between them.

And a longing to reach out that vibrates through my whole body…

8 thoughts on “The Need for Connection

  1. Hi Olivia, yay for making new connections. I hope they prove fruitful and beneficial. I am an introvert too, but I think we all crave making connections at times.


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