In the News Today…

Um, no, not national news. Just my own news. And of course a song for the day, a song that expresses the ups and down of life in the nicest way. Yes, Life is Just a Tire Swing. (I may have even used this song before. It is, after all, a classic.)

So I flunked a test. Just barely, but still. It was a multiple choice test. Passing it was one hurdle in moving toward a promotion with this company I work for part-time. It’s not work I love, but I don’t hate it and it’s moderately lucrative. The promotion would have let me see more clients for them. Shrug. It’s actually the second test I’ve failed, in my lifetime, and the other one was one of theirs also.

I suspect it says something about my level of real interest and enthusiasm. I could have taken steps to ensure I passed, I think. (Full disclosure, it was an open book test.). I could have looked up every answer. But I didn’t. I just kind of arrogantly assumed I could take it and be fine.


But- life is just a tire swing. Because I also heard back from a client I’d about given up on – they want to get started with me next week. Not at a discounted rate either. So that’s pretty darn exciting.

6 thoughts on “In the News Today…

  1. Two rules in life………
    #1 – Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    #2 – It’s all small stuff!

    Perhaps the reason you failed the test, is the very reason the other client reached out to you. Opportunity knocks at the oddest times, and very often what it offers enrichens our personal circles. Wishing you all the best!

    BTW……..nice choice of music!

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