Being Swallowed

My post has been hijacked by my own brain. This was NOT supposed to start with this ridiculous song. “I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor.” No.

But you know how I am. Once I’ve thought it, I have to find it and share it. Plus, it’s Johnny Cash so it can’t be all bad. Enjoy!

The thought that started this was that I’m being swallowed by the mundane. Suddenly, I look around at my life and realize it’s all work and grandkids without a touch of kink in sight. I’ll have to remedy this soon. But after I thought that about being swallowed by the mundane and before the boa constrictor, I considered what it would be like to run away.

Does anyone else occasionally consider just getting in the car and leaving? I’m sure some of you do, right? I used to think I would run away to the beach, but that’s not so far away now. Maybe Key West? But I don’t think that’s really my place. Belize. I think I would like Belize. But I can’t drive there. I don’t know…

12 thoughts on “Being Swallowed

  1. Heavens, we are all restless from time to time. This is America. We’re all going someplace or think we ought to be. Huckleberry Finn, On The Road. Our literature has us going places Freedom is always just across some river, real or figurative.

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