Not Just Introverts?

I ran across an article today – The Sixth Love Language: Distance. It resonated with me in a way that none of the other 5 love languages do . Even before I read the article, I thought “Yesssss. Distance…” as if I could hear my lover calling my name.

According to the article: There’s been one extra love language staring us down the whole time, neatly summed up as the need for space: “If you love someone, sometimes you have to leave them alone.”

Actually, the article doesn’t even talk about introverts needing this kind of love. They talk about people on the spectrum and people who experience anxiety and depression, but it seems to me that introverts all over the world are nodding in agreement.

Anyhow. I just thought it was an interesting article. I didn’t even agree with all of it, but I love the idea of distance as a love language. I’m fortunate that the people in my life truly know that I need that.

6 thoughts on “Not Just Introverts?

    • Hey, Roz, Glad you thought it was interesting! In my imagination, you’re someone who would appreciate time and space sometimes, but of course, I have no idea if you really are! 💜


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