A Whole Lotta Resentment

“Come here,” he said.

Reluctantly, she glanced up from what she was doing. “What?”

When he didn’t answer right away, she added, “I’m trying to clean this up. What do you need?”


So she looked up again. He was looking at her, he didn’t look angry, but she was suddenly aware that he had told her to ‘come here.’

Quickly, trying to laugh, she said, “Oh! You want me to come there! Of course, right away! Just let me wash my…” she started to say hands, but the words trailed off. His eyebrows had gone up, just a touch, but it was enough.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, “Can I – my hands – ” but she was already moving toward him. Because she knew the rule. She thought he would ask her about the rule, so she was reciting it in her head as she moved toward him –

“Come when you’re called, right away. No exceptions.”

That was the rule. And she was glad for the rule, glad he had called her, because anything was better than the cleaning and reorganizing she had been doing when he interrupted her.

Standing in front of him, she held her hands out to show him, up close, just how dirty they were. He shook his head. “No, you may NOT wash your hands right now. Three times now you’ve asked if you can wash your hands before you obey me. Have you lost your mind?”

She gulped. “Um, maybe, Sir…”

He laughed. “I thought maybe you had. That’s ok. Whatever punishment I had in mind has now been tripled. But that’s not the reason I called you over.”

She was listening attentively now. Whatever this was, for sure she didn’t want to fuck up again.

“You were working really hard over there,” he said, “I was watching for a while, and I approve of that work. But I could have sworn there was a lot of grumbling going on under your breath. Grumbling and an air of resentment. Were you aware of that?”

Damn, she thought, totally busted. How did he do it? Read her mind like that? She totally wanted to lie, to deny it, but she had learned the hard way that the truth was her friend.

It cost her to admit it, she was flushed with embarrasment as she said, in a low tone, “Yes, Sir. I mean, I wasn’t thinking about it that way at the time, but there might have been some grumbling.” But that response almost made her smile – “might have been some” was such an understatement. Now that she thought about it, she had been pretty pissy about having to do all that cleaning.

He nodded. “I thought so. Put your dirty hands behind your back and come here.” She obeyed quickly this time. He pulled her shorts off with one tug, and they pooled at her feet. She was not allowed to wear panties.

“Hands up,” he said. The t-shirt was off almost as quickly.

“Go wash your hands. And bring me the strap, please.”

She almost ran to follow his instructions He had not used the strap in ages, and she loved the strap!

It was a relief to wash her hands. And the strap was hanging beside the bed, right where it was supposed to be, next to the crop and the paddles. She grabbed it, the leather smooth and supple in her hands, hurried back.

Entering the room, she slowed her step, laid the strap across both hands and held it in front of her. Head down, signifying regret and repentance.

In front of him, she stood, still and silent. Waiting. At last, he said, “Kneel,” and she did, careful to keep the strap held out as an offering.

“Kiss the strap that I will whip you with,” he said, and she brought it to her lips, touching it delicately with lips and tongue. She loved the formality of this ritual. She hoped that he would let her kiss him – his cock, his feet, she didn’t care what.

He took the strap from her slowly, letting it trail across her hands, and she shivered.

“Open your mouth,” he said, and she looked up to see he had his cock in his hand. A rush of joy swept through her and she smiled. Opened her mouth and happily accepted the head of his cock as he fed it to her.

She took her time, moving her lips and tongue the way she knew he liked, but he was not content with that. He wanted the back of her throat, and pushed his way in til she gagged, tears running down her face as she tried to accept him going deeper. He fucked her mouth for a minute, maybe two, one hand anchoring her head in place. She had no control as he forced himself deep, so deep, pulling back to let her breathe just when she was afraid she could not take more.

It was just for a minute, maybe two, and then he withdrew completely. She was both glad and sorry. That was definitely punishment, she thought, but it had served to push her deep into submission. She reveled in being there. Totally focused on pleasing him.

“Up,” he said, “Over the arm of the couch.”

“Push that ass up,” he added, as she hurried to get in position. “Open your legs, I want to see that pussy. There you go.”

“We’ll start with 10,” he said. “After each one, I want to hear you say, ‘I will come when Sir calls me.’ Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir!” she said, shivering with fear or desire, or both. She waited for that first one to fall.

But he went on, “After each of the second set of 10, you’ll say, ‘I will obey my Sir,’ and after the third set of 10, you can just say ‘Thank you.’ Then I’ll decide what happens next.”

Another pause. He stroked her with the strap, her ass, her thighs, tracing the crease between her cheeks. She held her breath with anticipation. At last, when she thought she would be waiting forever, she heard the hiss and the strap landed, squarely in the middle of both cheeks, almost taking her breath away with the sting.

“What do you say?” he asked.

And she couldn’t remember. No clue. “Um, thank you, Sir!” she finally said.

The strap landed across the back of her right thigh, hard, and she thought he was laughing as he said, “Try again.”

Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, she thought, this is going to be a really long night. What – what was I supposed to say??

The strap landed across her left thigh while she tried to think and she cried out. “I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m sorry!” she said.

“That’s ok,” he said, “It’s ok, baby.” He stroked the inside of one thigh with the strap. “Sweet girl, that’s five extra at the end.” She felt his breath hot against her neck as he leaned close to her ear. “‘I will come when Sir calls me.’ That’s what you need to say. Now let’s try again.”

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