And Now This…

This morning…

It was a beautiful day for a walk on the beach.

I sat at the picnic table on the pier and worked on the Self-Compassion Mindful workbook that I had been half-assing. Came up with my personal metta prayer, which was kind of cool.

Then I had lunch at my favorite coffee shop. It was lovely.

And I came home to find this:

Yes, it’s roses. Roses and white alstroemerias. Yes, from MP. With a really sweet note. I was totally shocked. I never, ever expected him to get me flowers, much less roses. I was completely blown away. And delighted.

13 thoughts on “And Now This…

  1. That is truly a beautiful bouquet. I went through a phase two winters ago where I bought small bouquets for my nightstand and it really made me happy.
    And it’s even nicer that someone made you feel appreciated. That goes a long way

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    • Thanks, Angel, I was so surprised and thrilled. I buy myself flowers from time to time, and enjoy that a lot, but this blew me away. And you’re so right, being appreciated is huge. 💜


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