More Celebration

Not feeling dreadfully celebratory today, but working on it. Actually starting this post from the doctor’s office, waiting for the doctor. Already saw a resident, so they’re consulting now. {Edited to add: I left the doctor soon after that, before I could write any more.}

{7 hours later} Got home from the doctor and have been busy all day. Still not through with work, but have a few minutes to pop in here. I had been thinking about things I appreciate, and of course there are thousands of them, but I was not really feeling it, if you know what I mean.

I was like, “Ok. I appreciate having a car. I appreciate having insurance so I can drive the car and appreciate insurance for the doctor too.” But ho-hum, you know?

However, later this afternoon, someone mentioned a video that really intrigued me. After she and I got through talking, I googled it – and was even more fascinated and delighted. So I came over here to share it.

My Girlfriend Can Beatbox Better Than Me 😱 | Beatbox Challenge – Trung Bao & Chiwawa

They are sooooo cute! And fun. So my appreciation for today is that even after 63 years of life, there are still completely unexpected new pleasures. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “More Celebration

  1. Hi Olivia,

    I ‘m not surprised you weren’t feeling it today after all that time at the doctor. I hope it was a positive visit. I love how you ended this post. Funny video, thank you for sharing:)


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