Is It Just Me?

My daughter brought home new toothbrushes from the grocery today. Here’s a picture of them.

There are 10 bright neon, multicolored toothbrushes, clearly labeled:

Multi Action Massage

Big Deal

10 Pack

Is it just me or does that seem a bit kinky? Multi Action Massage? How many kinds of {giggle} action can you get out of a toothbrush? And what parts would you like to have massaged with that little brush? {more giggling…} We won’t even go into whether it could actually be a BIG DEAL or not. {I’m voting not.}

No, thank you very much, I may be a bit kink-deprived, ok, a lot kink-deprived, but I will pass on the toothbrush multi-action massage. {Wanders off still giggling…}

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