FFF 2.0 5-4 & Spring Good Times

I was on a roll. Over 10,000 steps last Saturday then I was hitting my goal every day – til Wednesday.

Wednesday, I headed to the coffee shop, walking up, earbuds in, moving with my music. Right in front of the coffee shop, trying to decide if I wanted an iced latte or chai tea, grooving to the sound of Sly and the Family Stone, I was oblivious to the dip in the pavement, caught my toe, and fell, face first, onto the pavement. Glasses, phone, earbuds flying…

I caught myself, my head just barely touching the concrete before I pulled it back up. I lay there for a second while 4 or 5 people rushed over to me. Yes, I’m old enough that seeing me fall freaks people out.

THey brought water, sympathy, the offer to call an ambulance. I sat up assuring everyone I was ok, no need for an ambulance, I would call my husband, no, I’m sure, I’m ok.

But I couldn’t walk. My ankle ballooned up quickly. So someone pulled a chair over for me, helped me into it and I texted MP, who rode to the rescue. Albeit slowly because he has mobility issues of his own, right?

And then, in the middle of the rescue efforts, he accidentally locked his keys in the vehicle. Which he’d left with the engine running. I was laughing, because really, it was just funny, but the other key was at home so I had to text my daughter, who was out, to go get the key and bring it up for us. Which she did. And all was well.

Except for my stupid ankle, which was swollen and hurt. A lot. Ice, rest, elevation, ibuprofen and arnica were my friends. And an elastic bandage after the first day. It’s much, much better now, although not 100% yet.

As for my step count – bwhahahaha, you can imagine! 1,317 on Thursday. Friday I was clearly better with a whopping 2,322. I may hit 3,000 today.

Not that I’m complaining. If I’d hit a bit harder, my head might have landed harder, I might not have been able to pull it back in time, and that would have been bad. I could have broken my ankle. All of those things would have been worse. So I’m truly not complaining about my (lack of) step count.

Also, I had people at home to fetch and carry stuff and make sure I had ibuprofen and food and everything. I’d have been screwed otherwise. So to speak.

It is making me wonder if I need to change my approach to walking. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve not been paying attention and have fallen. Or have fallen and realized I was not paying attention. How many times is a wake-up call?

Ok, in other news, today is the first Saturday in May and you know what that is, right? YES! Naked Gardening Day.

I’m posting this festive meme with the plump, naked red-haired woman, garlands of flowers covering her private bits, hair flowing, all smiles, dancing in the garden. No, I will not be gardening, naked or clothed. How about you?

16 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 5-4 & Spring Good Times

  1. Not gardening either, although I do need to kill the poison ivy climbing on the back fence. Sorry about your ankle. I can empathize. Pain sucks, the wrong kind , that is. Take care of yourself. Good to hear from you.

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  2. Even if I wanted to (which I don’t), the neighborhood would rise up in revolt.
    So I spare us all.
    Actually, I mucked my back up and can’t garden at the moment, even if I wanted to.
    Which, as it’s raining, I don’t.
    (Enough qualifiers?) 😀

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  3. Hi Olivia, yeah, no naked gardening here either, or otherwise.

    Oh gosh, you poor thing. It’s such a good thing you were able to pull your head up in time. Ouch! Glad the ankle is a little better and that MP and others have been taking care of you. Take it easy, make sure it heals properly.



  4. Well that sounds exactly like a day I would have but I would have been the one to lock the keys in the car. Sigh. Glad you survived but might lose the music on those walks. As for naked gardening? Not this girl but your image looks pretty happy about it!

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  5. Lol, yeah, I guess it would have been even worse if I’d been the one to lock the keys in the car! And one more “not for me”vote on the naked gardening! Drat! The image makes it look like so much fun though…. lol ❤


  6. Oh no, Olivia! … falls are so scary these days … it’s only happened to me a couple of times and once I gained my senses, I was thinking what have I broken! … luckily nothing. I am happy to hear you did not hit your head. I hope your ankle heals quickly! Good that MP and family were around to rescue the keys (that would have been my doing … forever forgetting things) ..

    And LOL! at your gardening meme … I saw that earlier this week … and as life has it, I am gardening today, altho be it fully clothed … wouldn’t want to scare the neighbours … haha!

    Get better soon … hugs! … nj

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    • Thanks, NJ – they are scary. Like being a broken hip away from disaster…. sigh. I guess this might also mean I just need to get in better shape. And wear better shoes.

      I love that at least you were gardening on the right day!! Maybe you could work on celebrating the holiday more fully next year? Lol, I don’t think if the neighbors would mind.


  7. oh you! i’m sorry i’m late to this post. the link has gone up on my blog too. but oh dear oh dear. do rest up and keep the weight off that ankle. they’re notoriously awful when it comes to healing. *hugs*. (who cares about the step count when one has a needy ankle! pfft!)

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    • Hey, I was late posting this post – no worries or apologies either! I have been resting it and it’s definitely doing better, so that’s all good! Thank you, fondles…


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