Almost ready for bed here, worn out from grandparenting today, being on vacation and therefore available to do all kinds of helpful things.  It’s a good kind of tired though, and nice to know that the boxes needing to be unpacked is getting smaller and smaller.

Sir has run out to get batteries for our thermostat, so the air conditioner will work and we won’t have a heat stroke over night.   Needless to  say, i appreciate that a lot.

But sitting here waiting for him to get back, I had a sudden memory of how it feels to have someone stroke my hair, gently pushing it back from my face.  I had such an urge to feel that again, it was almost overwhelming.  And for just a moment, i felt my “little girl” deep inside me.  (There ya go, Jade.  Not “good girl” energy, but “little girl” energy.  That’s close, right?)

Date night is Friday night, maybe i’ll mention it.



16 thoughts on “Bedtime

    • Thanks, Fondles, for that extra nudge. I’ll do it. And you have been adulting an awful lot – and had a lot to deal with!! Hope you get all the stroking your heart desires!!


  1. i had asked SR if there was a good way to try and communicate about energy with you. She told me to go for it, but added with a frown, to not say “babygirl energy.” but-that is what works for her, and i don’t know how to get around talking about energy without that part. i tried to, though. She was pretty emphatic that you don’t have babygirl parts. i said there was a good girl in there…and yep getting in touch with little girl feelings can be delicious and overwhelming, all at the same time. Tell Him. Remember, he’s alive inside. He needs to know that you are, too. ❤ ❤

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