FFF 3 – 2-23

Older and wiser, that’s me.  Um, older anyway.  And lighter!!  Like 2-3 pounds lighter!  How cool is that?

Did I tell you that the medication they gave me made it 100 times easier to not binge on carbs and sweets?  Yeah.  And somehow, it’s easier to exercise, probably because I’m not still carrying around the burden of guilt for binge eating.  That was a heavy load.

They (the doctor) could have suggested I start this medication over a year ago.  Instead, they were all, “Diet and Exercise.”  I thought it was emotional eating and laziness.  Um, apparently not.  All that chastising myself I did – for no good reason.

I’m trying not to think too cynically, but I can’t help wondering why, if my cholestrol’s high, they’re in a huge rush to give me meds, and when it’s  a med that would make the diet thing easier, they want me to rely on willpower.

And it’s not just me.  When my mother was already deep into Alzheimers she had a sudden period of eating everything in sight and gained weight at an incredible rate.  Her doctor prescribed this same med and she quit eating everything and lost weight.

Sigh.  Ok.  Whatever, all that matters is it’s helping.

I am not more organized, in fact, the lack of organization in my belongings is worse, but i’ve been on the road so much i haven’t been able to keep up with anything.  Shrug.  It should slow down in March.  And if we end up moving in March or early April, there will be whole new opportunities for organization.

Ok.  Work. I need to get to work, now.

But i was thinking yesterday about spankings.  Good girl spankings.  The kind administered by an expert, who knows how to make it build so that you slide gently into subspace without ever having to feel overwhelmed by pain.  That kind of spanking.  Sigh…  i miss that.  And i’m still holding hope that someday…


11 thoughts on “FFF 3 – 2-23

  1. Hurray for the weight loss. The cholesterol meds are quick to get slapped on because statins are the one thing that has been proven to work reliably to control cholesterol levels and are generally rather safe for long term use. Diabetes drugs on the other hand aren’t so easy to administer.. there are various types that work very differently and it could take a lot of tweaking before finding a recipe that works. Also, it’s one of those things where it interacts with your current state, so that your body decides to eat less or whatever and therefore will need constant monitoring and adjusting. (unlike statins where you pop a pill do another blood test and once your levels are ok that’s what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.) Also, cholesterol isn’t something you can “control” . It’s largely genetic and almost impossible to manipulate. so no point trying. Just pop a pill. Whereas diabetes is something that *can* be changed and some people have been able to manipulate their readings (more easily than others, i’m aware…) by adjusting food and exercise levels.

    OK, sorry about that essay. i just thought you might want some info on your question.

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    • Omgoodness, don’t be sorry! That was actually enlightening. It does mean I don’t get to be grumpy and a litlle pissy about the whole thing, but that’s probably good too. Thank you!!!


  2. Great job on your plan! As for the organization bit, I’m told often I am extremely organized but it’s all a lie. I picked out two areas that I force myself to stick to: 1. I always put things I use daily in the same place (it starts with creating a place to put such things) and 2. I don’t go back to things (if I read an email, I immediately reply. I answer the phone so I don’t have to return messages. If I open a bill, I pay it right then.) Hopefully my little tips will help you. And, hope you find that magic path to subspace again soon. It’s out there. 🙂

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    • Hi, Amy, Thanks for the helpful tips! I would like to pretend that I’ll do them, but the facts of the matter are that I’m probably not ever going to be that person. Well, I might try more to put things in their place. That’s a feasible goal for me. And I’m sure the “just do things once” idea is too, but I’m not a linear kind of person. However, I totally love that you shared what works for you, and I appreciate you adding to the hope that I find my way to subsppace again! Thank you so much!


  3. Well done on the weight lose Olivia. Organisation will come in time and especially if you’re moving soon. Declutter old junk so you start a fresh in your new home.
    Hugs Lindy xx

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  4. I’m glad the medicine is working for you!

    I do my best decluttering before I have to move, just as abby said; less to pack! Sir and I are hoping to move in the next 6 months, I have lots to go through too.

    I hope it’s a smooth move for you.

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