Book Review – Lured by My Master

i loved this book.

The plot is ok – woman (Cin or Allisinda)  unaware of her submissive self, Dominant (Sam) helps her realize it.   There’s some more story line with an ex, but that doesn’t really matter.

Character development is decent – Cin grows into accepting her self as submissive, which she clearly is.

Lots of sex, pretty well done.  Although you know, that is not the part of the book that really does it for me.  (i know, weird.)  i mean, i like it if there’s plenty of dominance involved.  Otherwise, i just skim it.

But the lovely part was when Sam talked about the Dominant/submissive relationship.  Here’s one part i liked:

“Pursing his lips, Sam pondered my questions for several moments. “The power exchange between Dom and sub is a glorious connection all its own. The depth of trust, honesty, and communication far exceeds that of most vanilla relationships. For me, Dominance is like blood, air, and food…it’s my sustenance. Protecting and nurturing feed me on a deeper level than I’ve ever known.”
“But don’t you achieve similar satisfaction taking care of your patients? I mean, you heal and bring new life into the world.”
“Yes, but with Dominance, I’m restoring the submissive soul. It’s far more potent than anything physical.”
Sam’s words were pretty, but they still lacked a tangible blueprint. Evidently, bewilderment marred my expression, because he continued his explanation.
“Imagine a baby bird tossed from its nest. She needs my help…craves it actually. But before I can approach her, I have to gain her trust, let her grow accustomed to my scent, my voice, and my mannerisms. After reassuring her that she’s safe, I can gently pick her up and place her in the palm of my hand. Once there, I can feel her heart racing. She’s frightened, so once more, I take my time and calm her fears.
“An unspoken comprehension exists between us. She’s placed herself in a vulnerable position; she knows I could readily squeeze my fist and shatter her bones, steal the life from her fragile form. But the ineffable beauty is that she knows I won’t. The trust she gives me is so absolute, so fucking priceless, it drives the need within both of us for me to protect, pamper, and nurture her all the more. While at the same time, I am validating the inner strength that she possesses as I teach her how to spread her wings and fly. Within the protection and cherished safety of my hands, she finds a different kind of freedom than she ever thought possible, beneath my command. Liberating a submissive is…well, it’s indescribable.”

{Excerpt From: Jenna Jacob. “Lured_by_My_Master_ARE-.” iBooks.}

i suspect that it’s rather like a Harlequin romance, totally fantasy, but still.  Sigh…

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