A Bonus

If my new life plans work out – which would involve retiring from one of my jobs, continuing the other one, which is about 30 hours/ week, and moving to a warmer part of the country – if that works out, i would be able to get involved with a kink community again.

You have no idea how exciting that idea is to me.

i didn’t even think about that aspect when i started thinking about this life change, but now that it’s occurred to me – super excited doesn’t even express it.



14 thoughts on “A Bonus

    • Oh, he’s going to move with me – as for participating in kink – i think he’ll go to events with me and (at least this is how i imagine it) encourage me to play with other people. That’s not unusual at events or play parties and i think it would help a lot.


  1. I so get that feeling of wanting to be involved in a kink community once more—I didn’t realize how much I missed it until it wasn’t an option. I get wanting to retire from one job. And I dream of living in a warmer climate. Hope the stars align for you!

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    • Thanks so much – for reading, for commenting, and for the good wishes. Now I have to go read your blog to find out why you can’t be involved in a kink community either.


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