Oh my goodness…

It’s still a whirlwind of wonderful grandkids here, and of course my delightful daughter, but with a few moments respite, i decided i needed to be here (rather than doing dishes or laundry or even taking a nap.)

Here’s some exciting news – Sin is back!  Nooooo, not that kind of sin, that kind never left, but Sin the blogger.  Here’s the link:  Finding My Submission  Sin is one of my friends from a former life, and i’m so glad she’s back in the blogosphere!

In other news, i think i’m on the verge of some big changes in my vanilla life, and while i won’t talk much about that here, still, i feel like my work of discernment has just paid off and i have some radical ideas about what to do next with “my one wild and precious life.”

And i saw this today, which made me laugh.


You can guess which kind is more the kind i am.


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