i imagine (15)

He lets me sit at his feet for a long time, at least it seems like a long time to me.  He offers me water, and i drink quite a bit.  He lets me go to the bathroom, and come back to settle again.

i am feeling pretty content despite the humiliation and punishment i’ve taken, and even though some of the welts still sting a lot and my nipples are tender and sore.  i am reminded of this often since he brushes his thumb across them every few minutes, commenting that they are lovely when they’re hard and reddened.

i’m ridiculously pleased by this comment, and would gladly endure a lot more than sore nipples to earn that approval.

At last he stands, pulling me to my feet too.  “I’m going to take you to be bathed,” he says.  “While you’re being prepared for bed, i’ll look at your schedule for tomorrow and mark my choices.”

“Oh!” i’m a bit surprised by this – no one has done that before.  There are activities during the day – yoga, meditation, exercise, support groups – but no one has chosen for me before.  i start to protest that i have already planned what i want to do tomorrow.  But one look at his face quickly changes the protest into a “Yes, thank you, Sir,” and if his smile suggests that he knows that wasn’t my first impulse, he obviously approves the change of direction.

“Good girl,” he says, tapping my bottom lightly.  “Let’s go now.”

The baths are just a little way down the hall.  He hands me over to the attendant – “A warm bath,” he says, “with lotion and a bit of massage.  There’s no need for her to speak, or for you to speak to her other than to give her instructions.  If she’s slow to obey, you’ll let me know when I come back for her, right?”

The attendant – it’s Betsy, i know Betsy pretty well – nods solemnly.  “Yes, Sir,” she says.  “No talking at all, I’ll wash her well and apply lotion thoroughly.  If she’s slow to obey I’ll let you know.”

“Yes.  Oh, keep her warm too, I don’t want her chilled before bed.  And she can drink some water.  Have to keep her hydrated, right?”

“Yes, Sir,” says Betsy, enthusiastically, and then he’s gone.

i discover it is a kindness, not to have to talk, or to listen.  The bathing pool is large enough to really relax in, she soaps me and rinses me and dries me silently, my mind is focused on the feelings Sir Martin has aroused, physical and emotional.

While she massages lotion into my skin, i nearly fall asleep, my body is purring and my mind is still.  By the time Sir Martin comes back for me, i feel like i’m glowing.  Once he’s been assured that i’ve been “a good girl” he takes me by the hand to lead me back to my room.  Betsey has put the collar and cuffs back on me, but he takes me by the hand.  She has wrapped me in a soft, velvety cloak and he lets me hold it closed, keeping the warmth of the bath and massage close to me.

In my room, he’s put pillows in the middle of the bed.  For a moment, i am dismayed, he’s going to spank me again?  But then i remember that he promised me a comfort spanking.

“Here,” he says, patting the pillows, “Over you go, ass up.”  He takes my cloak, but covers me with it again, as i lay myself across the pillows.   He sits beside me.

“In the morning,” he says, “I want you to go to Yoga at Dawn, before breakfast.  Then i’ll come to spank you, and feed you, and you’ll have time to journal.  After that, exercise group, and then you can read until lunch.  In the afternoon, I want you to come to my meditation group at 2:00, and you can do the therapists’ group at 4 if you like.  After that, you’ll be serving me again.  Questions?”

He is stroking my hair, and i am warm and cozy under the cloak.  i smile, “It sounds like a lovely day, thank you, Sir.”

“I’m going to spank you now,” he says, “With my hand, just for our pleasure.  When I’m done, I’m going to fasten your hands to your collar, in case you get tempted to touch yourself tonight.  Then I’ll attach your collar to this leash, keeping you from wandering away from your bed.”  His voice is warm and gentle.

i nod, “Yes, Sir, but what if i have to pee?”

“I’m leaving the monitor on,” he says.  There is both video and audio access to the rooms, and people assigned to watch them at night.  “Just call out, and we’ll come get you up.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, smiling, sleepy and relaxed.  Even when he raises the cloak, and i feel cooler air on my legs and ass, i am still comfortable.

He begins spanking slowly, rubbing gently in between spanks.  It feels wonderful.  i am almost purring, it’s so lovely.  He stops – too soon – and rolls me over to fasten my hands together and attach them to my collar.  He hooks the collar to the leash dangling from a hook on the wall.

He pushes my knees up to my chest and examines the cleft between my thighs.  i moan softly, i am so wet and so hot, so incredibly turned on, i shiver at his touch.  But i am feeling so submissive – putty in his hands – i can’t even ask for an orgasm, i just revel in his touch.

He strokes my clit with his thumb, and i moan, he slides a finger inside me, then two, with his other hand, he penetrates my ass abruptly, two finger sliding in easily just from my own juices.  i moan and squirm.  i would beg but he stops as abruptly as he had begun and i whimper.

“Maybe tomorrow you can have an orgasm,” he says, pulling the covers up over me, kissing my forehead, and turning off the light.

“Yes, Sir,” i say, with a bit of a sigh, and i hear his laughter as he pulls the door closed.



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