Sunday Check-In July 9

Here i am – in  a hurry – lots of stuff to do today.

It’s been a tough week in some ways, and a terrific week in others.

i’m not losing weight or gaining weight, not exercising consistently, not on the right track with a mindfulness practice.  But i don’t seem to be beating myself up as much as i could.   i do a lot of things pretty well, so f**k it.  (And don’t ask me why i used asterisks on the f-word.  It’s not like i’m against saying it, so i have no idea.)

Here’s an interesting question from  A Kind Dom:  (He starts out quoting from a comment that was left for him.)

I am not convinced that living this life, this 24/7 D/s ‘lifestyle’, is possible at all. It’s all fantasy, and keeping that in mind is key. If indeed it’s all about compromise and negotiation, then it’s all smoke and mirrors and so be it. Yay for smoke and mirrors. We come together for mutual satisfaction – whether sexual or otherwise – but maintaining personhood is crucial. If marriage lasts forever, when does the ‘playing’ end due to age, infirmity, children, etc ?

There are many who claim to live the lifestyle 24/7. However as anonymous writes. Is this not just smoke and mirrors? Isn’t it really fantasy however much one is really involved in an intense D/s relationship. For instance one may like to describe oneself as being a slave or being owned. But ultimately one can walk away from it all – otherwise I would be very concerned.

Anonymous contends that maintaining “personhood” is essential. Is she not right in this? Can one really completely give up ones personality or rights as a person? Is that something anyone with a moral compass could agree with?

i’m curious – are there readers here who identify as slaves? If you do, what do you think about the question?

10 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In July 9

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  2. Ugh… “Slave” has different meaning for different people. To make it simple, it’s consensual non consent. My situation is one where I am his slave, but we are not a normal 24/7. This is due to our distance, but I trust him well enough to do as he says. He’s also taken the time and effort to know me well enough to not put me in a situation that is harmful.
    I used to have this person that was obsessed with if I was “allowed clothing?” I always though that was weird, since im pretty sure my corporate job frowns on nudity….

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    • Thanks for commenting! Yes, I think you’re right, people have pretty confused ideas about what it means to be a “slave.” Plus, in many ways your experience is bound to be different from people who are living together.

      Your comment about your corporate job and nudity cracked me up though. 🙂

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  3. I know I am late to this…but just found you. I belong to Master….all of me, always, all ways. But does He want a puppet…no. He wants a breathing, thinking, confident, intelligent, unique….slave…LOL. I think you have to maintain a sense of self…it is too scary for me to imagine life without that sense….but I have also discovered that I love bending to His wishes…complicated much??? oh yes…
    hugs abby

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    • Thanks, abby, for reading and for commenting!! I think you’re right, even slaves need to have their own personality and opinions – even if she’s willing to bend to please. After all, they like knowing they can get us to do that, right? And we like it too. 🙂


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