In Real Time

In real time, in the US, black men are being shot and killed by police officers and i’ve been grieving for them and their families, and for my black friends who are traumatized and who have to live with knowing that they are more at risk of dying needlessly because they are black.

In real time, 5 police officers were killed in Dallas last night, and others wounded.  They were working at a peaceful protest organized by Black Lives Matter.  The shooters were not protesters, they were snipers, who opened fire from garage rooftops.

It is not clear to me whether the shooters were white or black.  The articles i’ve read don’t say, and usually if they don’t mention race, it means the person is white. But many people seem to assume they’re black.  i think it’s interesting that i hope they were white.

And i’m thinking about how to respond to all this.  What action do i need to take, what action can i take, what would be helpful?

So i’m a bit unsettled, and for the purposes of this blog, that means i haven’t finished the next installment on i imagine.  i think i should have some writing time this afternoon and over the weekend though.  i guess i could have just not posted today, but i think if i skip a day, it gets easier to skip more, and i don’t want to do that.

In real time, here is how i feel today.



3 thoughts on “In Real Time

  1. Black Lives Matter is having a protest here in front of the Manhattan police dept. I long to be there but am forbidden. I send my beautiful Black Butch Master a text to please be extra careful today because I don’t trust the NYPD on a good day. Internal memos tell them to go in pairs and be leery of anyone walking up to them. I’m praying for her safety daily bc I know she is a greater risk bc of her skin color and gender expression. Frankly, we both are. I’m feeling heightened anxiety today and I will until my lover is home safe.

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    • Yes. I was thinking of you today as I wrote that. Sending you and Sit Raven both many hugs and good energy. Probably the hugs or just for you, now that I think about it. Good energy for both of you.

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      • giggles. hugs are good! She takes hugs, she just has to grump about it mostly when she takes or gives them. But-yes-thank you. i know that you were thinking of us, which is why i shared what i did. ❤

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