Wednesday and Sunday

Five nights a week, she got herself ready for bed, jsut like anyone would. Ok, it was a little bit different for her because she was required to write in her journal. She could write about anything she wanted, but her work needed to include certain elements. She needed to complete the page where she recorded any infractions of rules, and the page where she recorded progress on her goals. Other than that, she would take a quick shower, lotion her body, and meditate for at least 20 minutes.

Then she would text Sir that she was ready for bed. After sending the text, she would kneel, still naked from her shower. She kept a comfortable chair in her bedroom, next to her bed, that was just for him. She would kneel by the right side of the chair and wait.

Usually, he came to her room shortly after she had sent the text. Occasionally, he would be busy and she’d have to wait a while. But most nights, she only knelt waiting for 5 or 10 minutes. During that time, she was supposed to prepare to talk about any of the mundane details of their days – plans, problems, or things she appreciated – the conversations most couples would have.

Except she would be kneeling at his feet while they had the conversation. Naked. They had followed this routine for a while, and it seemed quite natural to her. She knew that she also needed to spend a few minutes thinking about her submission to him. Any issues could be recorded in the journal and shared at the appropriate time, but he also liked to know that the nature of their relationship was on her mind.

Tonight was Tuesday, and as she knelt, waiting for him to join her, she wondered what he would want from her tonight. Usually, he spent 30-45 minutes with her before he put her to bed. Sometimes he just sat with her, stroking her hair while they talked. Other times, he would allow her to use her mouth to please him.

She smiled to herself as she thought that. Wondered when she had started thinking about it that way – as she thought those words, “allow her to use her mouth to please him,” she remembered the training she had undergone. The hours she had spent with his cock in her mouth, learning all the ways he liked. Practicing every day, sometimes two or three times a day, until he was sure that she could please him adequately. She almost laughed, what an odd life I have, she thought.

But she remembered her pleasure when he told her she had passed her training. Thinking about it now made her long to taste him tonight. ‘ But I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to,’ she thought. She shook her head, remembering men before Sir who had longed for her to suck their dick, and times that she had refused them.

She had been waiting with eyes downcast, but suddenly sensed movement. Looking up, she saw Sir standing in the doorway, watching her. As their eyes met, she smiled, delighted to see him. When he smiled back, she felt like the whole room lit up.

He was carrying a cup of tea and a bottle of water. He set them down on the nightstand, then looked down at her. “Sweet sub girl,” he said, and her smile grew. He sat down and settled back into the chair.

“Good girl,” he said, stroking her head with one hand. “Everything ok today?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said. “Everything’s good.” And it had been, or she wouldn’t have said that. The penalty for polite lies was not one she wanted to pay.

He grasped her hair tightly at the nape of her neck. “Up,” he said. He released her then and she stood on her own.

“Prepare for inspection,” he said.

Surprised, she moved into the first position, with her legs spread wide, hands laced together behind her head. She had not expected this, but she thought she was as well prepared as she could be.

He stood too, and turned on the flashlight on his phone. He began by shining the light on her ears, both inside and behind them, checking to make sure they were clean. This always made her smile a bit, she felt like a small child for this part of it.

Then he “checked” her nipples – to make sure they were working, he’d said once. “They should get nice and hard, you should get turned on and wet, and at some point the inspection should hurt,” he had explained. “That tells me you have healthy, well-functioning nipples.” Sometimes he started slowly, sucking and teasing them. Other times he used ice, or nipple clamps. Tonight, he used his fingers, playing with her gently at first, then twisting, tugging and pinching until she was whimpering.

“Are you hot? Wet?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, still a bit breathless. She was prepared for him to check, looking forward to it actually, but instead he moved around her, pulled a nearby ottoman up behind her.

“I want you on your back,’ he said, “Knees to your chest. I want to be able to see how wet you are.”

She had practiced this before, it didn’t take her long to take her place on the ottomon. Her head was comfortably supported, but her ass hung off the end a bit. By pulling her knees up hard against her chest, she achieved a nice balance and was quite comfortable. Physically anyhow.

Of course this gave him a clear view of her pussy and ass. He scooted the ottoman closer, but didn’t touch her open thighs, her throbbing pussy or the smaller, puckered entrance. Instead, he sat back in his chair, tasted his tea.

There was silence for a maybe a minute, then he said, “I talked to Nora today about our plans for a dinner party. Are you still thinking 4 or 5 couples?”

“Yes, Sir” she said, flushing with humiliation at having this conversation in this position.

“These are all folks in the kink community, right?”

“Yes, Sir. A couple of the women are also writers, and some of the Doms are starting a Kinky Retreat kind of thing.”

“That sounds like fun,” he said. “Do you want to have a play party afterwards? We could open up the dungeon, really get it back together again.”

She hesitated a moment. It sounded like a great idea, but she knew she couldn’t really think like this. She wanted his hands on her, she was open to pleasing him any way possible, and wasn’t really sure what she wanted.

“Can’t think, can you?” and she knew he was laughing. Leaning forward, he used his thumbs to open her nether lips, leaving her clit exposed. She whimpered, “no, Sir.”

“That’s ok, we can talk later. I just want to make sure your cunt is working right too.” He stroked her clit, adding, “Don’t cum now!” She knew that there was almost no chance of an orgasm for her on a Tuesday, so she was not surprised or disappointed.

He wet his finger in the juices from her pussy and slid the finger into her tight asshole, stopping at the first knuckle. She whimpered at the discomfort, then whimpered again when he withdrew it. He cleaned his finger with a wipe from the package on the nightstand beside him.

“You’re a good girl,” he said. “I want to feel your mouth on my cock. You may use the kneeling cushion.”

She managed to get up not too ungracefully, grabbed the cushion, and began to settle herself in place on the floor in front of him. He was holding his cock in his hand, and she licked her lips in anticipation.

“Open your mouth,” he said. “Put your tongue out. Farther. Now wait.” He continued stroking his cock while she waited obediently, longing to taste him.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday and Sunday

      • LOL…just checking. I guess I thought it was within the realm of possibility that you may have meant another Nora, or, just liked the name and used it. I didn’t want to have a giant head and just assume it was me. And now that I know that I am mentioned… I LOVE this even more!!!! Let’s have our kinky dinner party!!! XOXO


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