No Cheese with this Whine

My body is tired.

I need to straighten up the house before our house cleaner comes. Not clean before she comes, but get the crap out of the way. And I don’t feel like it.

In fact, I don’t want to do anything.

I have a presentation coming up in a couple of weeks, to some people who might want to hire me, which would be a big deal. Don’t feel like working on that either.

Took the grands to school this morning – came home – sat in the car for 15 minutes before I dragged myself in. Haven’t taken my hoodie off yet, 30 minutes later.

My wrists ache, which is just silly.

Read an article about 4 ways to lower your blood pressure – ha, they were all about reducing clutter. Getting rid of sentimental things. Cleaning up stacks of newpaper. (Who still has stacks of newspaper?) I thought, fuck y’all, you just don’t want to have to clean our stuff up after we die. Too bad.

At the same time, I want to throw away all the things. So I don’t have to clean them up. Sigh.

Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy

I want people to leave me alone – and pay attention to me. That’s ridiculous.

But I appreciate the opportunity to vent or whine or whatever I’m doing over here. I guess I need to write some punishment fantasies…

13 thoughts on “No Cheese with this Whine

  1. Vent as much as you need to, Olivia! I am here to listen. I am sorry that everything is just feeling like too much right now. That is a hard place to be. Please know that I am thinking of you, and really hoping that things start to feel a bit easier soon. Much love, my dear friend ❤ XOXO

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  2. Hi Olivia, vent away my friend, we are here to listen. I’m sorry you are in this space. Not wanting to do anything is hard. I’ve been there and for me the not doing makes me then feel worse! Take a little time to do something small but nice for you first.

    I hope things feel brighter soon.


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    • Oooooh, that would be super lovely! (Lol at deluxe means both feet.) Yeah, even if I approved, I feel confident your wife would not. But thanks for the thought!


  3. When I’m feeling like that I get myself a whiff of something citrus . A grapefruit, an orange. Something. It helps me feel a little better. I dunno, might work for you.

    And then if you want, eat it after you sniff it. *HUGS*

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