The Preparation, Part 4

She heard them talking as they approached the room, and she caught a glimpse of the waxer as she entered. In that quick glance, she saw that this girl was young, with multi-colored hair, shaved on one side. That made her a little nervous, but she thought, ”oh, stop, she’s not doing the hair on your head, now is she?” And almost giggled.

The woman and Sir went to the foot of the table immediately, where she was all splayed out on display. They spoke quietly, and she couldn’t quite understand what they were saying. Fingers touched her, and she struggled to distinguish if they were Sir’s or the woman’s.

She heard Sir say, ”Her name is Bonnie,” and then the woman was beside her.

”Hi,” she said. “I’m Addie and I’m doing your waxing today. Your Sir has explained to me what he’s having done.” Her voice was soft and friendly. ”He wants a Brazilian wax, with all your hair removed except for a thin landing strip. He also wants to remove the hair from between your ass cheeks.”

Bonnie blushed, she didn’t think she’d ever been this embarrassed.”

Addie went on, ”Have you been waxed before?” Bonnie nodded.

Addie said, ”Then you know that it hurts, although I will try to keep the pain minimal. Infection is always a risk, but I will give you some liquid to apply that reduces the chance of an ingrown hair or other infection. Do you understand?”

Bonnie nodded, keeping in mind that she was forbidden to talk, but then Sir’s voice came from the other side of her, ”You may speak. And of course if you don’t consent, we won’t do this. Do you consent to this? Are you willing to sign the consent form?””

Bonnie smiled then, even all laid out on the table now, like a frigging chicken waiting to be plucked, she wanted to please him more than anything. ”Of course I consent,” she said, adding ”Sir,” after a moment.

Addie held a clipboard in front of her, “This is the consent form,” she said, “Take your time reading it.”

Bonnie felt ridiculously helpless and exposed lying there. ”No, it’s fine,” and she reached out to take the pen, signing quickly on the line that Addie indicated.

Addie disappeared, and then the work began. With the sheet draped up over her legs, Bonnie couldn’t see anything, but then she thought, “You never do when you get waxed,” and that settled her a bit.

The pain was a distraction from the embarrassment. Bonnie still couldn’t really hear Sir and Addie chatting at the end of the table. ”Like they’re having coffee,” she thought, a bit bitter, as another strip of wax was applied and painfully removed. “Like I’m just an object. A toy for him,” but that idea was oddly appealing and she imagined him dressing her and putting on nipple clamps, maybe a vibrating dildo inside her, and that was quite distracting in another way.

It seemed to go one and on, the rhythm of warmth and sudden pain. After a while, her mind drifted and the sensation of pain diminished. At last, she felt the final strips, right between her ass cheeks, and she began to cry. She didn’t know why she was crying, but she thought later that it was the indignity of it all.

A cool liquid was applied next and that felt better.

Then Addie and Sir were beside her, Sir stroking her breasts, Addie on the other side of her smiling. ”You did a good job,” she said. Bonnie smiled, pleased with the praise and the sensations Sir was stirring with the caresses.

”Thank you, Addie,” said Sir. ”You did a great job, she looks lovely. And you could see that she was quite wet and aroused all through it.”

”Yes,” Addie agreed, ”she really was. But remember, no fucking for at least 24 hours. You can use her mouth of course, and maybe her ass if she’s not too sore there. But no fucking. Not even if she begs for it.”

Bonnie thought she might die of embarrassment, this girl made it sound like she was – omg, some kind of slut or something. Ok, she was lying there spread eagle while they ripped her hair off and dripping creamy wetness the whole time. Ok she did want to get fucked. But still. She wouldn’t beg. Ok, she might beg. And she giggled.

Addie smiled at her, patted her shoulder, “Let me know if you want me to come back,” she said. ”You were great.”

And Addie was gone. Sir left the room with her, and Bonnie was stricken with a fierce sense of loss. He had not released her ankles and she was helpless until he returned. Now that they were finished with her, she felt cast aside. When she realized that was how she felt, she felt even worse. After all, she had let this happen. She had chosen to go through this and now she felt crappy and there was no one to blame but herself.

She was an intelligent, educated woman, often a leader in her vanilla life. How had she ended up here?

And then Sir was back. He kissed her, a deep probing kiss that left her gasping, intensely aware of her own desire, the heat between her legs.

“I’m proud of you,” he said, stroking her cheek. “And you look very pretty. Here, let me uncover you so you can see.” He pulled the sheet down and helped her raise her head so she could see herself. She was embarrassed, so exposed and bare, her pussy a bit red and swollen, but he whispered sweetly to her, assuring her she was lovely, and she began to smile.

“Frigging roller coaster,” she thought, “this up and down of my feelings.”

“I’m going to unfasten you,” he said, “and help you up. You’re going to be stiff after this and might feel dizzy, so don’t try to get up without me.” He moved to the foot of the table and she felt him releasing her from the stirrups. She was stiff. Gently, he took each ankle and rotated it, massaged it, before letting it rest, dangling off the end of the table.

Her feelings had shifted again and she felt fully open and receptive, saturated with longing to please and the satisfaction of knowing that she had already pleased him.

4 thoughts on “The Preparation, Part 4

  1. Another wonderful segment, Olivia! I love the part about her feeling like a toy or an object for him to play with. And, this may make me sound like a sadist…but I really liked that she cried as she was waxed between her bottom cheeks…at the indignity. I think many of us submissives crave a bit of humiliation at times. Well done, my kinky friend! Another fabulous series 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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