I’m delighted at the comments on my last post, and amazed at how many of us are not on social media. I just think it’s super interesting. I am on all the social media, (well, “vanilla me” is) and definitely less active on Fetlife than anywhere else.

But that’s not the correction I came to make. It’s about dick pics. I am definitely not against dick pics. What I don’t like is when I see I have a message and I go over to see what it says and it’s someone I don’t know and they just sent a picture of their dick. No, thanks.

And really, I don’t have any reason to judge anyone’s profile picture on there – as Jecture pointed out, plenty of people do use their dicks, (or other body parts) for their profile. And Fetlife is definitely the best place to do that. Or CollarMe or some such site. (I don’t think it’s CollarMe anymore, but you know where I mean.)

Part of the reason I was kind of laughing at my old buddy is just that when I last chatted with him, he was very reticent and wasn’t sharing anything on the site. I’m glad he’s coming out of his shell, so to speak, I was just surprised at how he emerged.

Anyhow. I’m babbling now. I was just thinking about it when I woke up in the middle of the night.

3 thoughts on “Clarification…

  1. Hi Olivia,

    Yeah/nah on dick picks lol.

    Interesting that a number of commenters on your last post aren’t on social media, me included.

    The reason I’m not is that mainly I can’t be bothered lol. The perception I have (rightly or wrongly) is that it is used by people a lot of the time to share what they had for lunch, the fact they just went to the hairdresser, dentist, you name it lol. I may be being a bit harsh there I know. The other reason is the time factor. Checking and responding to posts etc.



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