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I’m rarely on Fet, although I have a profile (that doesn’t link to this blog, so shhhhh…) But I’ll get a message from some random person occasionally and wander over to respond, sometimes have a desultory conversation with them until one of us get bored, That happened recently with someone who goes by the name “naked—–69” but using an actual name, not dashes. He’s an exhibitionist, hence the naked part. And 69 cause of course.

So we exchanged messages for a few days, until it ended with a yawn when he announced, ‘I’m lying on my bed naked watching a movie with my roommate,” and I had an involuntary visual of that. Well, several, actually. None of them were really pictures I wanted to linger on.

I didn’t know what to say back. I could think of lots of things: “Is your roommate naked too?” But I didn’t really want to know. “Aren’t you cold?” Are you lying on top of the spread or under the covers? “Does laying around the house naked satisfy your exhibitionist desire? Or is it just a habit?”

But none of those seemed like – they weren’t questions I really wanted to pursue, you know? So I didn’t.

But that’s not why I’m updating. A long time ago, I had some conversation with someone on Fet who was local to me. For a minute, I thought we might actually meet, but then I realized no, we weren’t going to have a relationship and we weren’t going to be friends, so just no. No hard feelings, but no.

Well, I heard from him tonight, as I do every once in a blue moon. And that would not even be interesting, but one thing I say on my profile (which is pretty short anyhow) is: “i’d just as soon you don’t send me any dick pics or messages that just say “hi,” but if you must, i guess you must. i’ll probably respond with sarcasm.”

And damned if his profile doesn’t have him standing there holding his dick. I mean… In fairness, he apologized for the picture, which made me shake my head and smile. I don’t even know why.

Fetlife. It is its own special place, and really, it mostly makes me miss the old days and other lives. But if anybody wants to connect, feel free to friend me, ok?

16 thoughts on “Fetlife Updates

  1. Normally I like a dick pick and continue on LoL and yes there are a lot of people who seem to enjoy using their naughty bits as a profile pic, easy to avoid but some are really wow.
    I still think FB is scary @roz

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  2. I don’t do either one anymore. FB is nothing but drama. Daddy and I met on Fet. I guess we’re one of the Fet success stories. 😉 LOL We both left Fet last Fall for a whole host of reasons. The main one for me was the number of wildly inappropriate messages I got on a regular basis. Blocking, reporting and having Daddy need to intervene became all to frequent. The final straw was some sicko threatening to kidnap me and cannibalize me after a long message about molestation and really disgusting stuff. It was sooo out of the bounds that I was done. Enjoy Fet. lol It’s not all bad and certainly has a lot to offer. Meeting a Dom there is slim chances. You’re best bet is attending a local munch and getting involved in the community. I was an exception to the rule. 😉

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    • That’s wild, that you had such a negative experience on FB. It sounds like it got really scary – I’m so sorry that happened to you! And yeah, I am really pretty sure I won’t meet a Dom on there. I agree that local munches and getting involved in the community are good ways to go -although. In fairness, for years, I’ve met everyone I’ve been with on some kind of dating site, including MP. Plenty of Fish, CollarMe, and back in the day, an actual phone line. So there’s that. But I’m not even looking at this point.

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      • Oh Olivia. I met nearly all my exes online, too. lol The first few were pre-internet. 🙂 I met a few on the phone lines of the 90’s, too. lol Like I said, I met (and married) my current on FetLife. It happens, just not as common on Fet as it’s not a “dating” site. The social media of us kinky folks.

        Facebook wasn’t scary, just drama. FetLife got scary more than a few times. I’ve got stories about Fet that’ll curl your hair. lol

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      • Omg, just the little bit your told me about your experiences on Fetlife were pretty harrowing. I think it’s become common for all kinds of people to meet on dating sites, while back in the 90’s it was a little wild. But you know, you could only hang out in the bookstore waiting for Mr. Right to show up and recognize that you were the woman of his dreams…

        Facebook can be a lot of drama for sure. I’m lucky to be able to avoid most of that most of the time, and I really do love some things about it.

        Back a long time ago, when I was active in the BDSM community where I lived before, I was more active on Fetlife, and connected with a lot of people I don’t keep up with anymore. So yeah, I know what you mean.

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  3. No Fetlife or Twitter, Instagram,never had a My Space (remember that one).was on Cupid at years ago..did make a FB account never been active in it ..just don’t need to put my location and what I am eating for dinner tonight or whatever else I’m doing.Not saying never cause things always change ..and who knows what the next social media site or app will be .

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    • Huh, that’s interesting. Lol, it does sound ridiculous when you talk about not putting your location or what you’re having for dinner on line. FB has served a lot of purposes for me though, and allowed me to connect or stay connected to people I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. But I sure respect your take on it too!


      • Agreed to connect with friends or People you lost touch with..share pictures even with family it probably is good thing..You can’t argue it’s success .

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  4. i live on FB. mainly cos i have relatives and friends in all corners of the world and it’s an easy way to share pics and updates on what’s going on with my life (and my mother’s).

    And it’s a great resource if you’re not on there being friends with just any old crackpot who sends a friend request.

    i also ‘pre block’ idiotic people. If you want to stalk me on FB let me know. i’ll give you the email.

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