My Marketing Magic

Ok, there’s no magic. Yet. But there will be.

I’ve had a busy weekend already, and its only half over. Babysat half the day, took a nap (I know, that doesn’t sound busy, but finding time for it is a challenge and I was sooooo tired…) and have been working on marketing tasks ever since.

I am now listed on a national site where people search for coaches. It was a bit pricey, but I do think it’s going to be worth it. I have more work to do around that, but I’m making progress, and they give us some very helpful support in the process, so that’s cool.

I resolved a problem with my website that had me all freaked out, and now I feel more confident about the site doing what it’s supposed to do. Ready to work on it some more and share it more.


“Come here, baby.” His voice was gentle and caring. He was sitting in his big recliner, and patted his lap like he wanted me to sit there.

So I did. I went straight to him and climbed up in his lap. Ok, sat down in it, of course. I am a grown-up and way too big to climb up into his lap. But still.

He cuddled me close and rocked a bit, just back and forth in the recliner, while I made little purr-y noises and felt content. I’d been there are a few minutes and was starting to feel sleepy when he said, “Do you want a good-girl spanking?”

Well, that woke me right up.

“Yes!” I said, enthusiastically, “Yes, Sir, please and thank you!”

That made him laugh. He helped me get in position over his lap, arms and legs dangling off each side, butt in exactly the right spot for his spanking comfort. I was already in my nightgown, and he doesn’t let me wear panties at home, so it was easy enough for him to pull the short gown up and expose my ass to the air – and his hand.

He started off rubbing gently, which felt so lovely I didn’t know what to do. When he lifted his hand and I knew he was about to land the first one, I held my breath. There was the sound as it hit and a sudden moment of shock and then I absorbed it. As the pain sank in and rippled through me, I sighed contentedly. “Mmmmmm, thank you, Sir.”

He laughed, and landed the second. Again, there was a moment of pain, that faded to warmth and an indescribable feeling of acceptance and pleasure. It’s not that it didn’t hurt, it did. Maybe the pain was at exactly the right level for my endorphins to kick in. I don’t know.

But I didn’t have time to wonder about it, because he continued spanking, one stoke after another, moving around so he landed in different places, making sure he covered them all. No spot on my ass was left out.

When I was just starting to feel a little bit too warm, and I was sure my ass was bright red, he said, “I bet this is turning you on.” He paused the spanking to check and sure enough – who would have guessed? I was incredibly wet and hot and when his hand slid up between my thighs, I whimpered and wiggled, trying to impale myself on his fingers.

But he went back to spanking. I moaned, and he might have laughed.

After a while, when it was starting to get uncomfortable again, he said he better check again, and this time he did. This time he said, “Hmmmm, let’s see how quickly you can cum,” and his other hand started playing with my nipple, just the way I like.

It didn’t take him any time to drive me straight up, up, up and over the top, tumbling, trembling into an orgasm. I was still moaning and whispering, “ohmygod, ohmygod” when he started spanking again.

This time it was harder, but I could handle it and really, it just felt so good, I could have enjoyed it all night long. But instead he stopped and checked to see if I was still hot.

“Yes, you are,” he said, and he made me cum again. He wasted no time, just took me there and over again, and I was feeling way too thankful and happy. So I said, “Sir, maybe it should be your turn. Would you – do you think I could – you know?”

He laughed and spanked me real hard for about a minute, maybe 10 licks, til I was squirming and about to start begging, but then he stopped, and “Could you what?” he asked. I knew then what he wanted.

I don’t like to say the words, which is funny, cause I love doing it, and he had to spank me a little more first, but I finally said it, “Suck your cock, Sir, please, let me take you in my mouth and please you til you cum.”

He rubbed my ass for a minute. It was feeling a bit sensitive, but not too bad. Finally, he said, “Ok, you can do it.”

He helped me slide down so I was kneeling between his legs. He was just wearing his robe, so it was easy enough to access his cock, which was already hard and waiting for me. I was ready to start, but he said, “Wait a minute,” and I froze.

“I think I’d like you to wear some nipple clamps while you do this. Would you like to please me that way too?”

I thought about it for a second, I knew it was going to hurt and I’d probably wish I’d said no, but in that moment, my whole heart just wanted to please him. “Yes, Sir,” I said, “I’d be glad to do that.”

He keeps some toys in a drawer in the little table next to his chair, so he let me stay right there, with my mouth on his cock, while he got them out. I had to raise up so he could pinch my nipples hard and put them on, and that did hurt bad, it took my breath for a minute. But he looked at me and smiled, “Pretty,” he said. “Good girl.”

And I was ready to start again, had my mouth poised, breathing on the head of his cock, when he said, “Wait, hang on a minute.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Butt plug. I think you need the butt plug too. I would like that a lot. Do you want to do that for me too?”

And that was this strange moment when I knew this was crazy, it made no sense at all, and I didn’t care. Because no, I didn’t want that butt plug either, and yes, I did want to please him so much. So I heard myself saying, “Yes, Sir, please, I do want to.”

And then he was in that drawer again and there was no chance for second thoughts. He made me lean forward, and reach back to spread my cheeks. A bit of lube and he started pressing it in.

I had to work on breathing to relax enough for it to go in, but I did. I wouldn’t have gotten out of it anyhow, he was firm and steady, telling me what a good girl I was and how much he liked it that I was willing to do this for him.

When he had it settled inside me, he kept me still while he spanked me a few more times. It didn’t even hurt but it made me real aware of the plug, which makes me feel more submissive than just about anything. I was ready again to start, by this time, I was longing to taste him. But –

“I think I better take those clamps back off,” he said. I had to laugh, I know what he’s doing. The clamps weren’t even bothering me much at that point, but sure enough, when he took them off, it hurt like hell. He laughed a bit too, and caressed me after they were off, which felt really good.

“Ok,” he said, “I’m through playing around. You’re my good girl, and I love you. Now you can go ahead.”

So I was feeling just about as submissive as I can feel when I closed my mouth around his lovely cock, inhaling his scent, savoring the taste. I knew it was crazy, and I knew I was lucky girl.

He stroked my hair as I began to move my head slowly. “Nice. That’s nice. Maybe I’ll spank you again when you’re through.” I just purred. “Mmmmmm.”


Well. That took a lot longer than I thought it was going to when I started writing.

8 thoughts on “My Marketing Magic

    • Thanks, Roz, I think I have, and I’m feeling hopeful that I might actually have paying clients – enough to survive and in time do well. Keep your fingers crossed!

      Glad you liked the story! ๐Ÿ’œ


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