Aaand it’s Friday!

I will not start my posts with “I’m tired.”

I will not start my posts with “I’m tired.”

I will not start my posts with “I’m tired.”

Because it’s a boring way to start and I think I’ve already done it way too many times.


But I am drooping. I’ve been on the run all day – one meeting and then another, grocery, picked up grandson, stopped for a b’day cake at a different grocery for MP, wrapped presents, celebrated his birthday and am just sitting here now.

I’m glad I’ve made the decision to post here daily. Now I need to make some kind of commitment to adding to Sofia’s story. Or maybe I’ve already made the commitment and I just need to follow through. Whatever.

At the moment, I mostly want to go to bed. Good night…

9 thoughts on “Aaand it’s Friday!

    • Yes, rest is good. He did have a wonderful birthday, so that’s something.

      I’m so sorry you couldn’t come! I’m glad you thought it was hot. It was awfully impersonal, and sometimes I feel a little bit uncomfortable with that, but that’s what came up for me that day

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